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Nvidia secures price target lift from Susquehanna

Susquehanna Financial Group has issued a bullish outlook on Nvidia (NVDA) stock, setting a record price target after the company's recent 10-for-1 stock split. The firm has raised its price target on the semiconductor giant from $145 to $160, the highest target among Wall Street analysts.

Yahoo Finance's Seana Smith and Madison Mills break down the details.

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This post was written by Angel Smith

Video transcript

Shares of NVIDIA hitting fresh record highs this morning.

And Wall Street analysts still see more gains ahead.


Susquehanna analyst, Christopher Roland set a target price of $160 on the stock that is up from 145 previously.

And that is the highest call on the street now.

It's interesting because this is something that we've been talking about throughout the show here.

Sha too.

Yes, the multiple is higher than the medians that we're seeing for this name.

And this is according to Roland here, but the company is well positioned to take advantage of flourishing and markets to translate that the multiples make sense, right?

And when you look at the amount of profit that NVIDIA is bringing in the valuation is actually not that high.

That's what Matt Maley was saying to us earlier as well.

And this comes as we're seeing a lot of movement in the semiconductor space, uh AV go Broadcom hitting record highs as well today and also on the upside.

So seeing kind of a rising tide for all boats when it comes to the chip makers this morning.

Yeah, exactly.

And I think he summed it up.

Well, just the fact that NVIDIA is still very much well positioned here to take advantage of the flourishing and markets.

We talk about that opportunity.

What exactly that looks like the growth rate still ahead here for NVIDIA and by and large analysts are very bullish still on this name.

Given the, given the, given the fact that they have really dominated the industry, the conversation surrounding A I and that fuel that we've seen for growth here over the last several quarters, they aren't really showing much sign of slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, there was, we heard from Jensen m here on Yahoo finances all the reasons that long list of reasons to still remain very optimistic on Nvidia's uh run, run to growth here over the next several quarters.

So I think this latest call here from Roland really clearly lays out that bullish aspect here, the bullish case here for NVIDIA.

And yes, despite the massive run up that we've seen, despite the fact that there has certainly been this A I euphoria that has swept Wall Street comparing drilling down and comparing Nvidia's evaluation here, even to many others within the name, still very much attractively valued even at these elevated growth levels.

Given the massive growth that the company has seen here over the last several quarters.