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The number one secret to getting an interview with Atlassian

Atlassian Work Futurist, Dominic Price, reveals the main thing he looks for in candidates when making hiring decisions.

Video transcript

DOMINIC PRICE: We get thousands. You can imagine thousands and thousands of applicants. We have a very high success rate, eventually replying to every single one of them. Not everyone likes the reply they get, but we certainly do a good job of making sure that everyone gets a reply.

I think the thing that-- whenever I'm helping someone, and there's a whole lot of people I've been helping recently who are like I'd love to work at Atlassian, am I cool. The first thing is like, I don't think you know what your skills are and Would your superpower is. And the reason I mention that is, there's a whole lot of people who go, hey, I'd really like to work at Atlassian. I'm not going to come and grab you and just plant you in like make this easy for me. And I think the people that know their value but particularly know where they want to grow.

So I think this isn't part of our requirements but people who know what they're good at, what they're not good at. They've got self-awareness, and they've got that ability to go, here's where I'm hungry, here's my desire for growth. Um, here's where I just want to deliver. These are the kind of people I work with. People that know themselves tend to sort of thrive through that interview process.

But I think one of my biggest tips would be to actually look at our values. And the reason I suggest that is there's a whole lot of people that apply to Atlassian, and I don't think Atlassian is always going to be the best place for them. So I think our values are amazing, and I really appreciate our culture and how it's evolved over time, but it's not the perfect environment for everyone. Well, I know plenty of people who want to work 9:00 to 5:00, Monday to Friday, put the feet under the desk, and just do their job, right. This kind of environment isn't for them because the rate of change we go through, how we give people autonomy, how we give them accountability.

A lot of people aren't going to thrive in that environment. So my call you go and find a place that can work for you. I think there's someone somewhere for everyone, but actually, the people that apply to Atlassian are the ones that generally know what they can do, and then they can connect that to a role, right. And I think when they do that, Yeah, we open up our arms and open them in and bring them in for interviews, and we start those conversations. But we hold a very high bar.

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