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Microsoft search engine Bing reaches 100 million daily active users after ChatGPT adoption

Yahoo Finance Live discusses Bing reaching 100 million daily active users after Microsoft released it's ChatGPT integrated features.

Video transcript

SEANA SMITH: Today, my play is Microsoft. Its search engine Bing here reaching a new milestone, reaching 100 million daily active users just weeks after rolling out its AI-powered Bing chat feature. So it looks to be paying off a little bit. Of its active users, the tech giant saying that roughly a third are new to Bing. In a blog post, though, Microsoft's head of consumer marketing writing that while they are gaining market share, Microsoft remains a small, low single digit share player.

So let's put that all in perspective. Just how small? Yes, Bing now has 100 million daily active users. Google? More than a billion. And they've got-- so they've certainly got a lot of catching up to do. There is a lot of excitement around Bing, lots of excitement around Microsoft with ChatGPT, that partnership there putting them in the forefront of this AI race. When it comes to the search side of the business, though, far in the distance.


JOSH SCHAFER: 100 to a billion, about 10 times bigger. So they're not going to take over Google in search, right? But I do wonder if there's a smaller market for AI related search. I mean, Google's been coming out and saying we had AI as part of our search for a while now. They've sort of been trying to get that out there. Hey, we've had AI here. But it seems like people are starting to think of Microsoft as maybe a potential leader in that space. If you're interested in it-- Dave, I've never even used any form of AI on Google before. I don't know if you have. I didn't really--

DAVE BRIGGS: No, I have not.

JOSH SCHAFER: I didn't really know that that was part of Google. I feel like I use Google like everyone else does. And so I don't know if people are going to now readjust to use Google with an AI focus or if Microsoft sort of just becomes the leader in that space. It seems like Microsoft might have an early headstart here.

DAVE BRIGGS: Have you used ChatGPT?




DAVE BRIGGS: You're the young kid here.

JOSH SCHAFER: I know people have used it in the office, so I've looked at it to see how it works for our purposes here. But other than that, no, I don't really have an interest--

DAVE BRIGGS: I was just curious. I have not yet used Bing.

JOSH SCHAFER: --don't really have an interest in it.

DAVE BRIGGS: Google says they're going to have more than 20 artificial intelligence products launching this year. So it's amazing when you start reading through earnings reports. Almost every CEO is leading with some form of AI and how they are either getting into that aspect or how they've always been in it. But now they're repositioning it. It's almost the investors have now required all these CEOs and CFOs to lead with that, even if it has nothing to do with their business, or if they've been in it for the last decade.