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Match Group stock rises on Q1 earnings beat

Yahoo Finance Live anchors Julie Hyman and Brad Smith discuss the rise in stock for Match Group following first-quarter earnings.

Video transcript

JULIE HYMAN: Let's also talk about Match Group, out with beat on earnings as its dating app Hinge continues to shine. Revenue there increasing 27% for the quarter. Match also announcing a new $1 billion share buyback program that replaces its previous program.

And this, by the way, the shares rising, even though the company's second-quarter forecast is below estimates. The top end of that, $850 million versus the $824 that was estimated by analysts.

BRAD SMITH: Yeah, direct revenue actually had declined by about 1% over the prior year quarter. And then, additionally, even total revenue that was down by about 1%, too. But you think about where the operating income as well continues to net out, even when you do see some strength that they were citing in Hinge and Tinder direct revenue, even though that was flat operating income. That was actually down by about 5% over the prior year quarter.

So operating margin of about 25%. We'll see if they can continue to stabilize it around that kind of mid-20 percentile. Perhaps elevate that a little bit more going forward. But they're gonna have to find more payers. Payers declined in this most recent quarter, too, by about 3%. Total number just shy of 16 million right now, compared to last year's similar quarter.

JULIE HYMAN: The producers want me to say something about dating.

BRAD SMITH: Oh, yeah?

JULIE HYMAN: And I don't really have a--

BRAD SMITH: Let me see what they want us to say.

JULIE HYMAN: I don't have-- I don't have a lot to say on dating. Do you have anything to say in dating about these--

BRAD SMITH: I have nothing.

JULIE HYMAN: --about these apps?

BRAD SMITH: I have nothing to say about these apps or dating.

JULIE HYMAN: Not-- and not-- let's just say, I'm not the target demo.