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Hot pink decor and clothing flourish ahead of the 'Barbie' movie release

Sales of hot pink home decor and clothing are boosted ahead of next year's "Barbie" movie release.

Video transcript


SEANA SMITH: As fans get ready to watch Margot Robbie take on the classic role of Barbie in a new movie, the pink girly girl vibe has taken on a life of its own. Celebrities are dressing in pink. People are decorating their homes in hot pink decor. TikTok has registered 9 million views for the #BarbieCore. This according to "The Washington Post."

Dave, this is amazing. I mean, we know it's a bright color. And, obviously, it will boost people's mood if you walk into a bright space. But get this, Etsy, the searches for hot pink home decor items has been up 21% in just the past three months. And we have about a year to go until this new movie comes out. So maybe you should get ready to see some hot pink in your own living room. You never know.

DAVE BRIGGS: Oh dear, July, yeah, July 21 next year. Listen, this is a shocking trend if you ask me. Barbie core, decorating your home like a Barbie dreamhouse sounds like my form of hell. It sounds like utter torture. And what was really surprising beyond the Google searches and TikTok trends is that there are married couples that have this. I just figured it was single women that wanted to celebrate--

SEANA SMITH: Everyone wants to get in on it.

DAVE BRIGGS: --Barbie-ism. But walking into a pink room, sure, it can make you happy and make you-- lift your mood. But every day? When you're walking into that room every day, I think it's just going to decrease that mood.

SEANA SMITH: Yeah, you know, maybe if you want to incorporate it into your home decor, it makes sense if you just decorated it with a corner of-- a corner of space in just one room or maybe one room that's on the side--

DAVE BRIGGS: Maybe a small bathroom.

SEANA SMITH: --that you don't go into every day. Maybe it's a bathroom that you don't use on a daily basis, if you have one, it could make sense. But I don't know. I'm with you. I think I would get very-- I know I would get very, very sick of hot pink pretty quickly.

DAVE BRIGGS: I could tell you, retailers are hopping on it. Because Benjamin Moore even has a color that they are recommending to those Barbie core fans. It's called Peony, if you were looking to do a Barbie house.

SEANA SMITH: You never know.

DAVE BRIGGS: And the other thing I found interesting about Barbie, she's been around since 1959. And to take it back to us being a finance network, you might be wondering [INAUDIBLE] the story, look, who has more professional experience than Barbie? You know how many careers she's had over the years since 1959?


DAVE BRIGGS: 200 careers. So--


DAVE BRIGGS: --what a versatile worker--


DAVE BRIGGS: --Barbie has been over these many decades. I think we're both going to hard pass--

SEANA SMITH: We're going to hard pass for now.

DAVE BRIGGS: --on Barbie core.

SEANA SMITH: But we have a year maybe until maybe some of the excitement that's building around this movie, but I think it's safe to say [INAUDIBLE].

DAVE BRIGGS: She's having a moment.

SEANA SMITH: She is having a moment. We can't take it away from her.

DAVE BRIGGS: Definitely having a moment.