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New emojis debut, Google developers pressure Apple to update modern texting tech

Yahoo Finance Live anchors Akiko Fujita and Rachelle Akuffo take a look at the new emojis that are expected to come out and the push for Apple developers to adopt universal texting technology.

Video transcript


- Well, new emojis are expected to arrive on all of our phones by the middle of next year. The new icons include things like a pushing hand, shaking face, and even a moose. And we're showing these images right now. Rochelle, this got us a lot of us talking this morning when it came out. By the way, the shaking face is supposed to be a panic attack, a panicked face?

- Oh.

- I kind of like it but I don't think it shows panic

- I'm wondering when would I feel the need to use a vibrating face as an emoji. I mean, I love the range.

- Feels like confusion.

- Confused, because they do have the one that's like this.

- Yeah.

- Just thinking. I mean, a part of me likes the fact that you do have all these options. Not quite sure when I would have a reason to use some of these, though. And I'm someone who, once we started texting, like my penmanship turned to rubbish because I'm like, Oh i'm not really using that. I mean, we might get less and less use of like the English language if it all just ends up coming down to emojis. I do like the jellyfish one, though.

- I like the jellyfish. What's your favorite emoji, though? What's the one you use all the time?

- So mine is the one with the face like surrounded by the hearts because I'm a bit mushy.

- Oh I love that!

- So that tends to be the one that I use the most.

- So this is interesting because my favorite one is the one that does this. [LAUGHTER]

- What does that say about us?

- Such polar opposites. I just feel like you can use it in so many different chats.

- That's true. I'm not mad at that, but obviously we're going to start talking about iPhones versus androids because as an Android user, I get a lot of hate from my friends in the group chats when everybody else has an iPhone but me. And it's not that I haven't tried it but we see now that Android and Google are trying to pressure iPhone into saying, look get with the program. This is the newer technology that we should be using. I tried am iPhone once. I didn't like it.

- So this is another dividing line between the boxes because I am a full on iOS user. Doesn't bother me, really. But Google's argument is that those who are on Android are being accused of ruining these chats because, let's face it. I mean you, see the blue bubble blue bubble and then the green one pops up.

- See I actually think it's the other way around. Because any time I try and send someone a video to an iPhone, Apple purposely makes it this horrible grainy, thin looking thing, so then we end up actually using WhatsApp so we can get like the clearer picture. So I mean I get it, though. Apple is smart try to keep everyone in the ecosystem. They have no reason to want to switch and go do what Google is doing. So I get it. It's smart.

- Yeah. What'sApp is a good compromise between iOS and Android users. We're going to keep that debate going over the weekend, but that does it for Rochelle and I in these hours. Thanks.