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Will crypto come up at this year's Thanksgiving dinners?

Yahoo Finance Live hosts Julie Hyman and Brian Sozzi disclose Twitter poll results on whether crypto will be a conversation starter around the dinner table this Thanksgiving.

Video transcript


JULIE HYMAN: Thanksgiving table discussions are sort of notoriously fraught at times, and we did a poll this morning asking if people are going to talk about cryptocurrency. And almost 59% of the people we polled said indeed they were. Now Brian Sozzi, I still don't know-- I still haven't been able to discover if you're actually going to be sitting down at a Thanksgiving table somewhere. Maybe it's because you haven't actually decided yet, but I guess it's not surprising that people are going to be talking about it. There are certainly people who-- or Yahoo Finance users are going to be talking about this.

BRIAN SOZZI: Well I will answer any questions regarding if someone to ask me at Thanksgiving dinner about crypto. Don't put your life savings into it, expect volatility, and you know, there are other investments out there except Coinbase and Robinhood. Those are all your answers to your questions, especially to my family members who I'm sure will pummel me with questions at some point. But look, it's at the top of mind. I mean, Bitcoin has reached mainstream. You've seen the ETFs out there, Julie. So I am not surprised. A lot of folks are going to be thinking about this, thinking about it, how they can get rich. But as we've talked about throughout the past few weeks here, it can go south very quickly in all things crypto.

JULIE HYMAN: It can. For a great tongue in cheek guide to how to discuss crypto, or as he calls it, Web 3.0, please check out Joe Weisenthal, my former colleague's Twitter stream this morning. It was a fun one on the guide to discussing that at your Thanksgiving table.