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Boeing Starliner issues leave astronauts stranded in space

Boeing's (BA) Starliner continues to experience malfunctions with its spacecraft, delaying a scheduled return trip for two astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Yahoo Finance Reporter Ines Ferré joins Morning Brief to discuss Boeing's latest development regarding its Starliner and what it means for astronauts in space.

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This post was written by Nicholas Jacobino

Video transcript

Well, everyone, this is an interesting one that we've been tracking here blowing up my social media feed.


I don't know about yours.

Astronauts are stranded in space stemming from issues with Boeing starliner spacecraft for more on this.

Let's bring in Yahoo Finance's Anez Fay here on earth with us to break this all down my goodness on earth.

And this return to earth from the astronauts that are at the international Space station has been delayed now a few times and this, we're referring to Butch Wilmore and Suny Williams.

They were scheduled to return on June 13th.

The return has been extended for the third time and after years of delay, Boeing starliner had successfully launched back in June 5th.

You'll recall that launch.

But what happened was during the flight engineers discovered some helium leaks to the spacecraft's thruster system.

So in order to give time for these engineers to troubleshoot those issues, NASA said that it is going to push back the return to flight and officials have tried to calm concerns.

Basically saying, look, there's no reason to believe that starliner won't be able to bring back the astronauts back home stating they really want to work through the remainder of the data.

But this also of course, brings more questions as this has now been delayed again.

And it's not uncommon for astronauts to extend their stay aboard a space the space station for days, weeks, sometimes even months.

Boeing starliner program manager said at a news conference in June, June 18th said, well, albeit manageable, it's still not working like we designed it.

So we've got to figure that out.

Nasa and Boeing have not said when the astronauts exactly will be returning.

There is a spacewalk that is scheduled for July 2nd.

So it would be after that July 2nd spacewalk.

But of course, what is very concerning is that is these delays and uh even though it's Boeing has sort of painted this as OK, this is a learning experience and we're working through the data and we're figuring out these issues.

It's still obviously a string of challenges that Boeing has faced this year.

And the most critical part really of these is the take off and the and the and the landing when you are talking about these aircraft spacecraft because when they are coming back into the earth's atmosphere, that is really the most crucial time.

So nothing can go wrong.


You know, it was interesting facts that actually had mentioned Boeing with in their earnings insight, their weekly insight that came out uh last Friday talking about the industrial spec sector seeing the largest decrease in EPS estimates.

And Boeing leads the earnings decreases since March 31st here.

So it's gonna be a critical report when they do finally publish those results for the quarter.

That's wrapping up in just a few days here as well.

But once again, here and focus for Boeing and thats thanks so much for tracking this story.