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Amazon and Pinduoduo stocks gain as Tesla edges lower

Yahoo Finance Live’s Brad Smith discusses Amazon, Pinduoduo, and Tesla stock performance.

Video transcript

BRAD SMITH: All right, we've got some games to relish, at least in the early moments of trading here on the day. You've got the Dow up, as you mentioned, a little more than 250 points right now, 3/4 of a percent higher here intraday.

But look, of course, at that broader trend that we're trying to break out of here. We'll see exactly where this continues to hold some steam as of right now. But again, up 3/4 of a percent there. NASDAQ composite, that's up by about 1%, 117 points to the upside there. S&P 500, you're seeing fractional gains there to the tune of about 8/10 of a percent here.

Also let's take a look at the NASDAQ 100, just to see where we've got some outliers here on the day. Amazon is up by about 2.3% on today's activity. You also have some interesting activity in the form of Pinduoduo. That's up by about 4.7%. And it looks like some of the other Asia-related stocks, also up by about 3.4%.

And then also want to dive in on Tesla here very briefly, because that has been on a different kind of move over the past four days here. We'll see if we can break that trend. Over the past four days, down 10%. Right now, flat, just barely to the downside. We'll see if that can move into positive territory as we're seeing the major averages also move higher as well right now.