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Amazon opens its first physical clothing store near Los Angeles

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Yahoo Finance Live looks at Amazon's first brick-and-mortar Amazon Style clothing store that the online retailer is opening in California, and previews some of the brands that are going to be sold there.

Video transcript

SEANA SMITH: Amazon is not slowing down. They're expanding even more. The retail giant opening its first Amazon style store. Now it's the first brick and mortar fashion store. It's located in the greater LA area. The grand opening is today. The videos, pictures coming out of there look awesome. Dave, to me, it seems like a pretty good idea. And actually, it sounds like a nice shopping experience. But what do you think?

DAVE BRIGGS: I think the technology, like a lot of things with Amazon, sets them apart. I think the real question is, as far as brand loyalty, do you want to go shop at Amazon Style? I don't think it's the same with the grocery stores that are coming, one coming to my town. But with fashion, do you want to say, I got this at Amazon Style?

What sets them apart, though, you go in there, you won't see tons of clothes lining the racks. You'll see very few. It's all in the back. So you get out your phone, your Amazon app. You get the sizes, the colors you want delivered straight to a dressing room, where you can go pick it up once they alert you. And then it'll send it straight to the cash register. From there, if you don't want to try it out. So their technology sets them apart. I just don't know if people want to walk in there.

SEANA SMITH: I don't know, but they actually have some really nice brands. Vince being one of them, Lacoste, a Levi's, Steve Madden, so it'd be interesting to see how big of a success this is. Before we let all of you go, we also need to point to the fact that Dave, our stylish person here at Yahoo Finance, his pocket square is actually--


SEANA SMITH: --a mask. I don't know if any of you realize that. So we don't know if we should be taking fashion tips for where you're shopping really to heart here. But we'll see.

DAVE BRIGGS: You're right about that. You should not.

SEANA SMITH: I know, I know. All right, well, that does it for Dave and I today. Thanks so much for joining us. We'll see you--

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