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AI bot 'Momverse' is writing poems for Mother's Day this year

The Yahoo Finance Live team discusses the new AI bot from 1800FLOWERS, 'Momverse', writing poems for Mother's Day this year.

Video transcript

SEANA SMITH: Well, AI is everywhere. And it's even showing up for a very special day this weekend, Mother's Day, which if you forgot, it's Sunday. So you've still got some time to run out and get the ladies in your life something nice. Well, online flower delivery service has launched a chat bot called the MomVerse, which according to the site, can create original content like poems and songs. Yahoo Finance's Diane King Hall has been looking into this for us. And everyone is getting into AI, it seems like.

DIANE KING HALL: I know. I was like, come on. But I did engage. So you input a little bit of information.


DIANE KING HALL: And this is what it spit out for me. It said, "Mom--" is the headline-- "a treasure trove of trinkets, jewelry with stories to tell, mom's writing flows like a river with words that weave a spell, her heart shines bright like rubies, and her love is an endless gleam." Oh, there's my son right there. That's Ethan. Ah! And her love is an endless gleam. Here's to the greatest mom ever, an angel in our life, sweet dream. I put that in about my mom. Hopefully Ethan says that to me, right?

SEANA SMITH: That's pretty good. And there's my two kids right there--

DIANE KING HALL: Aw, Stowe and Gray.

SEANA SMITH: --Stowe and Gray.


SEANA SMITH: You know, I love the thought of this. And I get why they're doing it. It makes a heck of a lot of sense. But Akiko, wouldn't you rather, when your daughter gets old enough, she's able to write cards-- my sons can't write cards either. Oh, look at her. She's so cute. You would rather get something personalized from her?



AKIKO FUJITA: 100%, Seana. I was thinking that. I mean, we're not asking a lot on Mother's Day, right, just something personal though. Don't use AI. Don't use tech on this day. Doesn't have to be elaborate, just something from the heart.

DIANE KING HALL: That's fair. That's fair, it's true. But when they're as young as you guys' kids are-- and still even my son, he knows how to write now, but the teachers help them do stuff. Because I will say though, he came home with something the other day that it was clear he was supposed to fill out. He is a sweetheart. However, he did not fill out this like, "my mom is--" you know, this, this, that, and the other.

SEANA SMITH: He's got time. He's got a few days. Akiko, this is your first Mother's Day with [? Myari. ?] What are you guys doing? Any fun plans?

AKIKO FUJITA: Yeah, well, we are going out to brunch. We have to celebrate my mom too, right? But, you know, I have to say that I'm approaching this Mother's Day completely differently. Because you really have a new appreciation for moms out there. I mean, I've only been at this for four months. I don't know how my mom handled it with three kids, let's put it that way.

DIANE KING HALL: I love all the pictures we have of the babies. Oh, that's our executive producer's baby.

AKIKO FUJITA: Oh, that is precious.

DIANE KING HALL: Oh, I love it. I love it.

[? SEANA SMITH: ?] She's right around [? Myari's ?] age too. They [INAUDIBLE].

DIANE KING HALL: Oh, there's Miles. Oh, Miles.

SEANA SMITH: Miles too. All right, guys, well, that does it for us today on Yahoo Finance. I wish all the mothers out there a very, very happy Mother's Day. And Diane and Akiko, happy Mother's Day to you guys as well.