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Top cryptos by market cap

Top cryptos by market cap

20.93k followers31 symbols Watchlist by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track cryptocurrencies with the highest market cap. This list is generated dynamically with the intraday price updates.

Curated by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track cryptocurrencies with the highest market cap. This list is generated dynamically with the intraday price updates.


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WatchlistChange today1-month return1-year returnTotal return
Top cryptos by market cap-4.13%---

31 symbols

SymbolCompany nameLast priceChange% changeMarket timeVolumeAvg vol (3-month)Market cap
BTC-USDBitcoin USD64044.25-1935.37-2.93%4:11 am UTC33.02B27.28B1,263.63B
ETH-USDEthereum USD3156.159-287.64-8.35%4:10 am UTC20.03B14.95B379.46B
USDT-USDTether USDt USD0.999865-0.00-0.04%4:10 am UTC61.18B54.82B114.40B
BNB-USDBNB USD555.9482-28.05-4.80%4:10 am UTC1.78B1.77B81.13B
SOL-USDSolana USD170.01259-3.24-1.87%4:10 am UTC3.79B2.54B78.99B
USDC-USDUSD Coin USD0.9999439-0.00-0.02%4:10 am UTC6.75B5.69B34.02B
XRP-USDXRP USD0.6035476-0.00-0.04%4:10 am UTC2.16B1.23B33.74B
STETH-USDLido Staked ETH USD3156.632-287.91-8.36%4:06 am UTC84.34M83.12M31.02B
DOGE-USDDogecoin USD0.122573175-0.01-6.45%4:11 am UTC896.68M1.05B17.80B
TON11419-USDToncoin USD6.5775867-0.34-4.86%4:06 am UTC248.36M296.51M16.55B
ADA-USDCardano USD0.39372545-0.02-3.97%4:10 am UTC383.80M350.88M14.13B
WSTETH-USDLido wstETH USD3719.5435-335.33-8.27%4:07 am UTC31.40M47.62M13.22B
WTRX-USDWrapped TRON USD0.13386789+0.00+0.08%4:07 am UTC892.32k1.39M11.70B
TRX-USDTRON USD0.13422161+0.00+0.13%4:10 am UTC266.53M300.66M11.69B
AVAX-USDAvalanche USD27.269272-1.61-5.57%4:10 am UTC469.48M368.13M10.77B
WETH-USDWETH USD3172.2732-278.57-8.07%4:07 am UTC1.18B1.11B10.71B
WBTC-USDWrapped Bitcoin USD64025.086-1979.91-3.00%4:06 am UTC398.16M246.82M9.91B
SHIB-USDShiba Inu USD0.00001610058-0.00-5.63%4:10 am UTC296.86M520.29M9.49B
DOT-USDPolkadot USD5.6295843-0.31-5.15%4:10 am UTC156.32M204.14M8.10B
BCH-USDBitcoin Cash USD350.4439-17.68-4.80%4:10 am UTC233.55M303.71M6.92B
EDLC-USD-1.124608+0.00+0.02%4:06 am UTC5.19M5.07M6.20B
NEAR-USDNEAR Protocol USD5.554723-0.18-3.07%4:07 am UTC268.97M373.74M6.14B Staked ETH USD3161.1077-288.78-8.37%4:06 am UTC526.59k322.86k5.56B
LEO-USDUNUS SED LEO USD5.868328+0.04+0.70%4:06 am UTC1.19M4.52M5.43B
DAI-USDDai USD0.9999767+0.00+0.00%4:10 am UTC188.15M442.52M5.35B
LTC-USDLitecoin USD68.79032-3.87-5.33%4:11 am UTC319.17M342.72M5.14B
MATIC-USDPolygon USD0.4986579-0.04-6.91%4:10 am UTC232.73M262.77M4.94B
PEPE24478-USDPepe USD0.000011705101-0.00-3.71%4:06 am UTC1.10B1.21B4.92B
WEETH-USDWrapped eETH USD3315.1743-295.28-8.18%4:07 am UTC12.94M41.84M4.90B
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