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    Yahoo7 Finance23 minutes ago

    Beginner’s guide to solar power

    Many Aussies believe that solar power is either too difficult or too costly to install, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Not only is solar power becoming a more affordable energy option, it’s also becoming more accessible. Here are three things to consider before taking the big dive into sustainably

  • 5 traps first time buyers should avoid
    Yahoo7 Finance19 hours ago

    5 traps first time buyers should avoid

    Shiny brochures, new furniture and emotional temptations are just some of the “traps” laid down for first time home buyers – and should be avoided like the plague. House hunters should leave their emotions at the front door and make a rational purchasing decision based not on their dreams but three

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    7 ways to grow wealth (and forget about debt)

    Earlier this week, the SMH was aghast, pointing out that some 407,000 Sydneysiders were in debt over their heads. What fascinated me was that the journalist, who covered the story with the best of intentions, pointed out that the typical over-borrowed Sydney resident has $765,400 in total property debt