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Vringo, Inc. (VRNG)

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Net Share Purchase Activity
Insider Purchases - Last 6 Months
Net Shares Purchased
Total Insider Shares Held10.29MN/A
% Net Shares Purchased
Net Institutional Purchases - Prior Qtr to Latest Qtr
Net Shares Purchased
% Change in Institutional Shares Held15.37%
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Insider Transactions Reported - Last Two Years
30/09/2014COHEN DAVID L.Officer3,646DirectAutomatic Sale at $0.96 per share.3,500
30/09/2014LANG ANDREW KENNEDYOfficer5,209DirectAutomatic Sale at $0.96 per share.5,000
30/09/2014ENGELMAN JOHNDirector9,375DirectAutomatic Sale at $0.96 per share.9,000
30/09/2014PERLMAN ANDREW DOfficer28,385DirectAutomatic Sale at $0.96 per share.27,249
30/09/2014SINCLAIR H. VANDirector9,375DirectAutomatic Sale at $0.96 per share.9,000
30/09/2014STOUT DONALD E.Director9,375DirectAutomatic Sale at $0.96 per share.9,000
18/08/2014NYRKOVSKAYA ANASTASIAOfficer9,000DirectPurchase at $0.91 per share.8,190
15/08/2014SPIEGEL NOEL JOSEPHDirector30,000DirectPurchase at $0.89 per share.26,700
30/06/2014STOUT DONALD E.Director9,375DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.41 per share.31,968
30/06/2014LANG ANDREW KENNEDYOfficer5,209DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.41 per share.17,762
30/06/2014SINCLAIR H. VANDirector9,375DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.41 per share.31,968
30/06/2014BERGER ALEXANDER R.Officer28,385DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.41 per share.96,792
30/06/2014ENGELMAN JOHNDirector9,375DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.41 per share.31,968
30/06/2014COHEN DAVIDOfficer3,646DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.41 per share.12,432
30/06/2014PERLMAN ANDREW DOfficer28,385DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.41 per share.96,792
16/05/2014SPIEGEL NOEL JOSEPHDirector10,000IndirectPurchase at $2.96 per share.29,600
31/03/2014PERLMAN ANDREW DOfficer28,385DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.49 per share.99,063
31/03/2014LANG ANDREW KENNEDYOfficer5,209DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.49 per share.18,179
31/03/2014STOUT DONALD E.Director9,375DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.48 per share.32,625
31/03/2014BERGER ALEXANDER R.Officer28,386DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.49 per share.99,067
31/03/2014COHEN DAVID L.Officer3,646DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.48 per share.12,688
31/03/2014SINCLAIR H. VANDirector9,375DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.49 per share.32,718
31/03/2014ENGELMAN JOHNDirector9,375DirectAutomatic Sale at $3.49 per share.32,718
29/01/2014KELLER ASHLEY CONRADDirector4,500DirectOption Exercise at $3.18 per share.14,310
29/01/2014KELLER ASHLEY CONRADDirector4,500DirectAutomatic Sale at $5.04 per share.22,680
29/01/2014COHEN DAVID L.Officer100,000DirectAutomatic Sale at $5 per share.500,000
29/01/2014LANG ANDREW KENNEDYOfficer587,243IndirectAutomatic Sale at $5.19 per share.3,047,791
29/01/2014PERLMAN ANDREW DOfficer200,000DirectOption Exercise at $0.96 - $1.65 per share.N/A
29/01/2014PERLMAN ANDREW DOfficer200,000DirectAutomatic Sale at $5.15 per share.1,030,000
29/01/2014COHEN DAVID L.Officer100,000DirectOption Exercise at $3.72 per share.372,000
29/01/2014BERGER ALEXANDER R.Officer250,000IndirectAutomatic Sale at $5.03 per share.1,257,500
03/01/2014ENGELMAN JOHNDirector9,375DirectSale at $2.96 per share.27,750
31/12/2013KELLER ASHLEY CONRADDirector2,500DirectSale at $2.95 per share.7,375
31/12/2013LANG ANDREW KENNEDYOfficer5,209DirectSale at $2.95 per share.15,366
31/12/2013SINCLAIR H. VANDirector9,375DirectSale at $2.95 per share.27,656
31/12/2013BERGER ALEXANDER R.Officer28,385DirectAutomatic Sale at $2.95 per share.83,735
31/12/2013COHEN DAVID L.Officer3,646DirectSale at $2.95 per share.10,755
31/12/2013STOUT DONALD E.Director9,375DirectSale at $2.95 per share.27,656
31/12/2013PERLMAN ANDREW DOfficer28,385DirectSale at $2.95 per share.83,735
11/10/2013BERGER ALEXANDER R.Officer113,543DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
11/10/2013BERGER ALEXANDER R.Officer292,000IndirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
30/09/2013KELLER ASHLEY CONRADDirector2,500DirectSale at $2.89 per share.7,224
30/09/2013COHEN DAVID L.Officer3,646DirectSale at $2.88 per share.10,500
30/09/2013SINCLAIR H. VANDirector5,625DirectSale at $2.88 per share.16,200
30/09/2013LANG ANDREW KENNEDYOfficer4,008DirectSale at $2.88 per share.11,543
30/09/2013ENGELMAN JOHNDirector9,375DirectSale at $2.88 per share.27,000
30/09/2013STOUT DONALD E.Director9,375DirectSale at $2.88 per share.27,000
30/09/2013BERGER ALEXANDER R.Officer28,385DirectSale at $2.88 per share.81,748
30/09/2013PERLMAN ANDREW DOfficer28,385DirectSale at $2.88 per share.81,748
08/07/2013LANG ANDREW KENNEDYOfficer6,510DirectSale at $3.03 per share.19,725
01/07/2013COHEN DAVID L.Officer4,167DirectSale at $3.10 per share.12,917
01/07/2013BERGER ALEXANDER R.Officer7,292DirectSale at $3.10 per share.22,605
01/07/2013KELLER ASHLEY CONRADDirector5,000DirectSale at $3.11 per share.15,549
01/07/2013PERLMAN ANDREW DOfficer14,584DirectSale at $3.10 per share.45,210
21/06/2013NYRKOVSKAYA ANASTASIAOfficer7,000DirectPurchase at $2.93 per share.20,510
18/06/2013SPIEGEL NOEL JOSEPHDirector15,000IndirectPurchase at $3 per share.45,000
31/05/2013PERLMAN ANDREW DOfficer4,167DirectOption Exercise at $3 per share.12,501
07/05/2013COHEN DAVID L.Officer90,625DirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
07/05/2013SPIEGEL NOEL JOSEPHDirector20,000DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
26/04/2013ENGELMAN JOHNDirector9,375DirectSale at $2.87 per share.26,906
26/04/2013SINCLAIR H. VANDirector9,375DirectSale at $2.87 per share.26,906
26/04/2013LANG ANDREW KENNEDYOfficer3,906DirectSale at $2.86 per share.11,171
26/04/2013STOUT DONALD E.Director9,375DirectSale at $2.86 per share.26,812
26/04/2013PERLMAN ANDREW DOfficer21,094DirectSale at $2.87 per share.60,539
26/04/2013SIEGEL SETH MDirector12,500DirectSale at $2.87 per share.35,875
26/04/2013BERGER ALEXANDER R.Officer21,093DirectSale at $2.87 per share.60,536
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* = Where indicated, some values are estimates.
1= Potential proceeds estimated by the filer.
2= Estimated based on the average of multiple prices reported.
3= Multiple dates reported. Most recent date shown.

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