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Asia’s tourist-friendly mountains - Agung

Gunung Agung, Indonesia
The tallest peak on Bali is also its holiest. Rising 3,031 metres over the eastern half of the island, Gunung Agung stands as a sacred reference point for Bali's devout Hindu community. The holiest shrine in Bali stands there, too: Pura Besakih, the famous "mother temple" of Bali's thousands of temples, miraculously survived Gunung Agung's last eruption in 1963. Visitors can climb to the temple—or venture even further to the 2,300-foot crater, though this is not allowed during Bali's high holy days. (Photo by Thinkstock)

Asia’s tourist-friendly mountains

Asia's mountains hold a strange power over the populations that live

nearby. Some of them are active volcanoes, striking fear whenever they

awaken. Some are sacred sites, inspiring devotion throughout the year

and especially on high holy days. The most impressive of Asia's peaks

are gathered in this list, a roundup of the continent's most

tourist-friendly mountains, ready to be conquered the next time you're

in the area.

By Mike Aquino for Yahoo Southeast Asia