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A YouTuber successfully sued her ex-boyfriend in a landmark revenge porn ruling -- and then proposed to her co-star on the court steps

Kieran Corcoran
  • Chrissy Chambers, half of YouTube duo BriaAndChrissy, won a legal case Wednesday.
  • She sought damages at the UK's High Court for videos published on RedTube by her ex.
  • The videos were online for almost two years, and included her name and age.
  • The court case was described as the first of its kind.

A female YouTube star set a legal precedent in the UK by successfully suing her ex-boyfriend for uploading revenge porn of the two of them having sex.

Chrissy Chambers, who runs the 750,000-subscriber BriaAndChrissy YouTube channel, was awarded "substantial" damages by the High Court in London after a ruling on Wednesday.

Chambers sued her ex-boyfriend, a British man who has not been named, after he recorded and uploaded videos of them having sex to the porn site RedTube.

Chambers is now in a relationship with Bria Kam, the co-star of her YouTube channel, which describes them as a "singing duo/lesbian couple with original music, making videos that inspire."

According to a report in The Times newspaper, the recordings were made without Chambers' knowledge while she was in the relationship with the man from 2008 to 2009.

He uploaded six videos in 2011 and 2012, the report said, some of which included her full name and her age at the time (18).

Chambers did not find out about them for almost two years, when she started to get complaints from viewers on YouTube who mistakenly believed she had created the videos intentionally.

Chambers, who is American and lives in Los Angeles, found it difficult to take legal action over the videos because of grey areas in the law.

According to The Times, she could not sue in the US because the videos were uploaded in Britain. And British authorities could do little about the videos, as they were recorded in the US, and were also published before new revenge porn laws came into effect.

With no criminal options, Chambers instead launched a civil case against her boyfriend in Britain, accusing him of breach of confidence, misuse of private information, and harassment. It had widely been reported as the first case of its kind.

The High Court was told that he accepted the charges, and awarded "substantial" damages to Chambers. The precise figure has not been named. The man will also have to pay Chambers' legal costs.

After winning the case, Chambers wrote on Instagram that she "could not be more elated." She proposed to Kam outside the court, who agreed to marry her.