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Why 2 young Aussies quit their 6-figure jobs in a pandemic

·4-min read
Co-owners of Vively, Tim Veron and Michael Pang
Tim Veron (left) and Michael Pang (right) quit their jobs at a venture capital firm to launch holistic health platform Vively (Source: Provided)

It was two weeks into the first wave of lockdowns in 2020 when Tim Veron and Michael Pang quit their jobs.

Both had been working together at Right Click Capital, a Sydney-based venture capital firm, when they saw an opportunity.

“I’ve always been fascinated by experimenting with new things when it comes to my health and being able to measure the impact of those changes,” Veron told Yahoo Finance.

“I've always been really interested in that and I think that mindset also plays really well into entrepreneurship and business, because you're always trying to find the best way to do things through experimentation, and then doubling down on the things that work.”

Veron and Pang saw an opportunity to help Aussies suffering from chronic illnesses by using modern technology.

Despite the uncertainty that COVID-19 brought, the young entrepreneurs knew that there was a gap in the market and were ready to fill it.

With a focus on health and wellbeing, Veron and Pang launched Vively, a personalised holistic health platform.

“We certainly knew the megatrends were there. Twenty years ago wellness wasn’t a thing, and now it’s everywhere. It’s a megatrend that we think is here to stay because people are much more focussed on their own health and wellbeing,” Veron said.

“And of course, simultaneously we have telehealth booming. Technology is obviously a megatrend and we realised we were at the precipice of something pretty big and we had the opportunity to build something meaningful that can help people's lives.”

Vively is a personalised holistic health platform which can be used to help those suffering from ongoing illnesses or pain to keep track of their issues and connect with experts who can help.

“We recognised that health is multidimensional and involves many different aspects of your life. So, for people who are unwell it can actually be really hard to manage your own health,” Veron said.

“Australia’s healthcare system is fantastic at managing acute conditions and injuries, but in many ways it’s more of a crisis management system.”

Vively Co-owner Tim Veron.
In just over a year Veron (pictured) and Pang have made two acquisitions are are now the largest wellness platform in Australia (Source: Provided)

Veron said that for Aussies dealing with chronic back pain or stomach issues for example, managing the issue is a moving and evolving journey.

“When we started looking at the typical experience for those suffering from a chronic health condition, many try to manage it on their own,” Veron said.

Using Vively, a customer needs to fill in a questionnaire, which will be used to suggest different experts who may be able to help.

Vively adds a booking fee should you choose to connect with any of the practitioners - in a sense ‘Uber-ising’ the healthcare system.

Then, as the users condition evolves through different therapies, the system will be updated.

This means that as your health needs change, so do your recommendations - providing a personalised health experience.

“The platform empowers you to take the next step in the right direction when it comes to navigating the maze of healthcare,” Veron said.

“Health doesn’t have an end goal - a lot of the time it is an ongoing journey.”

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In just over a year Veron and Pang have made two acquisitions which has made them Australia’s largest wellness platform with just over 3 million annual users.

Veron said that while his mum may have been concerned when he quit his job in the middle of a pandemic, it has proven to have been the right leap.

“We know we’re still in the very early stages of this journey and our ultimate goal is to build the most valuable healthcare technology company in the world that genuinely helps improve the lives of people,” Veron said.

“Obviously, we have a long road ahead of us but we’re focused first and foremost on building an exceptional platform for people to use.”

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