Australia markets closed

Yahoo Finance's Wednesday morning wrap

Philip Lowe says negative rates not likely. Source: Getty

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Here’s everything you need to know in finance today.

The ASX is expected to open lower despite slight gains on Wall Street overnight - and here are five things to watch on the ASX 200 today.

The Aussie dollar is buying 67.89 US cents, up from 67.84 US cents yesterday.

Westpac has been cut from the government’s first home loan deposit scheme. The announcement follows news that CEO Brian Hartzer will step down on December 2, as Westpac battles a money laundering and child exploitation scandal.

The RBA vetos ‘unconventional policy’: The RBA governor Philip Lowe says negative interest rates are "extraordinarily unlikely" to be used in Australia, nor are any other unconventional policies.

Hobart is the most unaffordable rental capital: The latest Rental Affordability Index has found households earning a moderate income in Tasmania’s capital spend 32 per cent of their income on rent - the highest in Australia.

There have been a lot of whacky forecasts for property in 2020 - but are they true? Property expert Michael Yardney looks at major property predictions for next year to determine whether they are likely to come true.

Millennials; you’ve been warned: If you haven’t started saving for retirement, you probably should. David Taylor writes that rather than chasing the property market, millennials should look to alternative investments - like their super.

Surprising takeaway from Amazon founder’s divorce: While the billions exchanged in Jeff Bezos and wife Mackenzie Bezos’ divorce is eye-watering, a financial adviser was more intrigued by the speed of their divorce. Here are his tips on having a fair - and speedy - divorce.

Grocery shopping? Here are Coles and Woolworths’ best half-price specials this week.

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