Australia Markets close in 2 hrs 31 mins

Yahoo Finance's morning wrap for Friday

It's all happening this morning in finance. (Images: Getty, AAP)

Good morning.

Markets: The coronavirus did nothing to dampen the US and Asian stock markets' enthusiasm overnight for a cooling in the China-US trade war. Optimism sent shares around the world higher, and the Australian market is expected to follow on Friday morning.

The Australian dollar was buying 67.31 US cents Friday morning, down from 67.59 US cents on market close on Thursday.

A man allegedly bought cars and overseas trips with other people's superannuation and life savings. The accused plus two others were arrested this week, facing allegations that they ran a fraud ring that stole $11 million from ordinary Australians all over the country.

The coronavirus will definitely hit the Australian economy hard, the prime minister has warned. Read what he said about the impact of the disease that has claimed more than 565 lives globally.

Sick of influencers? So was this Perth woman, who decided she had enough of glamour shots and models. She and her co-founder created their own fitness app featuring advice from real trainers.

Almost half the Australian workforce will ask for a pay rise this year. But they're unlikely to get one. Getting their remuneration increased in 2020 is the number one goal for 45 per cent of people surveyed, despite very few who will receive one.

Amazon is selling people. Check out what's going on ahead of Valentine's Day next week.

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