Australia Markets close in 3 hrs 19 mins

Yahoo Finance's morning wrap for Friday

It's all happening this morning. (Images: Getty, supplied)

Good morning.

Markets: The Australian share market is expected to open flat this morning despite Wall St climbing slightly higher overnight, with the SPI200 futures down 0.01 per cent.

The Australian dollar is buying 67.58 US cents this morning, down from 67.70 US cents on market close on Wednesday.

Our economy will be fine after the bushfire smoke clears, says economist Stephen Koukoulas, who argues the underlying health was pretty good before the catastrophe. But if things did go pear-shaped, there is one thing we should fear more than a recession. This.

Who is the most successful person of all-time? Max Markson, a celebrity publicist who has rubbed shoulders with the biggest names of our era, reckons he has the answer.

Bushfires and drought have hit rural businesses hard. But this NSW woman's retail business has gone gangbusters, with sales up 1000 per cent. Read how this happened.

Are you sick of surge pricing on Uber? There is one way around it.

The RBA will not cut interest rates next week, according to nine out of ten economists. The latest inflation figures were roughly in line with what the organisation was expecting.

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