Australia markets close in 3 hours 6 minutes

3 basic questions millennials couldn't answer: Yahoo Finance's morning wrap

It's all happening around the world this morning in finance.

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Markets: US stocks plunged overnight due to fears about the impact of the coronavirus, and the Australian markets are expected to follow. The SPI200 futures were down a whopping just 2.24 per cent at 7am AEDT.

The Australian dollar was buying 66 US cents 7am AEDT this morning, down slightly from 66.12 US cents on market close on Thursday.

84 per cent of millennials could not answer three basic money questions. A US report showed a high level of financial illiteracy among those aged 18 to 37. Take a look at the questions to see if you can answer them correctly.

Get ready for this question at your next job interview. A research firm asked thousands of professionals for their favourite interview question, and one manager came back with a frightening one that he asks all job candidates. How would you go?

One country is about to provide free sanitary products to all women. The parliament for this European nation is about to make history this week.

Four N Twenty is copping it on social media. Like many other food manufacturers in recent times, it has developed a new plant-based pie. But for some reason that made a lot of people angry – something to do with "ruining" a well-known Australian brand. See how the company responded

Celebrity investor Warren Buffett thinks the market could plunge 50 per cent. Read his rationale.

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