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Yahoo Fantasy protocols for COVID-19 impacted games and waiver processing with NFL schedule changes

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Staff
·4-min read

In an unprecedented football season, we wanted to share with you how Yahoo Fantasy will handle COVID-19 impacted games and players as well as the impact on waiver wire and other roster transactions.

If games originally slated for a particular week are moved to Monday or Tuesday, we will count the game for that same week in season-long leagues. For weeks with a Tuesday game, we will process waivers and transactions on Thursday mornings to give everyone more time to make roster changes in the new week (more details below).

Matchups won’t count for current DFS contests if they’re moved off their originally scheduled day.

Rundown of NFL schedule changes

Week 6:

  1. Jets-Chargers will be moved from Week 6 to Week 11.

  2. Jets-Dolphins will be moved from Week 10 to Week 6.

  3. Dolphins-Broncos will be moved from Week 6 to Week 11.

We will count the fantasy points from Jets-Dolphins for all Week 6 matchups in season-long and Best Ball leagues.

Week 7:

  • Steelers-Titans matchup: The game was rescheduled from Week 4 to 7. Week 4 served as a bye week for both the Steelers and Titans. Players in the Steelers-Titans game will receive fantasy points in Week 7 in season-long and Best Ball leagues.

  • Jaguars-Chargers and Chargers-Dolphins matchups: The Jaguars-Chargers moves from Week 8 to Week 7. We will count the fantasy points from the game for all Week 7 matchups in season-long and Best Ball leagues. Meanwhile, the Chargers-Dolphins game moves from Week 7 to Week 10.

Week 8:

  • Broncos-Chargers matchup: The game moves from Week 11 to Week 8. We will count the fantasy points from the game for all Week 8 matchups in season-long and Best Ball leagues.

Updated transaction and waiver processing in weeks with Tuesday games

We have heard your feedback and made some changes to our previous announcements. We apologize for any confusion, but ultimately decided it would be best to change course. With these changes, fantasy managers will now have the time needed to contemplate roster moves, handle player injuries and digest the latest NFL news and schedule impacts.

Here’s how we will proceed with transaction/waiver processing and other weekly items for Week 5. This info will also apply to future weeks that have a Tuesday game added to the schedule:

  • Waivers: Players that would have cleared waivers on Tuesday or Wednesday morning will now be processed on Thursday morning. This will give you time to make roster changes in the new week before waivers are processed

  • Trades: If your league uses a voting period for trades, pending trades will not be processed until Thursday morning.

Other notes:

  • Stat Corrections: With no Thursday game in Week 6, stat corrections for Week 5 may be applied up until Sunday morning.

(Leagues with Points Per First Down)

Scoring Issues: For leagues using first downs as a stat, we are looking into the scoring issues. We expect to have that resolved shortly.

Covid IR designation

Players will only receive COVID-IR status if placed on the list by the NFL. Please plan accordingly for your lineups.

Potential forfeited games

If a team has to forfeit their game for the week (meaning it will not be rescheduled) we will put all players from both teams on the COVID-IR list.

Why are we giving players in this case IR designation?

  • In this case these players are not on a BYE, and the manager is losing a game week for those players. While the players don't necessarily have COVID-19 it is because of COVID that they didn't play.

But wasn't that the case with the Steelers vs Titans?

  • No they are still scheduled to play later in the season and just had a BYE week.

If you are in a private league, the commissioner can expand benches to give managers more slots to add players. The steps on how to do so can be found here.

This is and will likely be a fluid situation all season. We’ll continue to evaluate if changes to these protocols are needed based on the news each week. Please bookmark this article to monitor the latest updates or follow @Yahoo Fantasy.

Thank you for choosing our platform for your fantasy experience and we truly appreciate your patience during this time.