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Need Xmas gifts? How about half-price chocolates

You can stock up now to save 50% on Christmas gifts. (Image: Woolworths)

Boxed chocolates make popular gifts at Christmas time – for family, friends, colleagues and neighbours alike.

But they can be quite expensive. 

Fortunately this week both Woolworths and Coles are flogging a whole bunch at half the usual price.

So if you're savvy enough to bulk-buy six weeks ahead of time, you could save a stack of money and be able to extend your gift-giving to the periphery of your network – like neighbours three doors down and obscure uncles.

The stocked chocolate will remain fresh until well after Christmas. You can even eat them at Easter.

Unopened dark chocolate lasts a couple of years, according to The Chocolate Journalist blog, while milk and white varieties will stay good for about half that time.  

Here are the 50 per cent-off bargains Yahoo Finance has spotted. They will be selling at that price from Wednesday November 13 until Tuesday November 19 inclusive:

Coles half-price boxed chocolates

  • Lindt Lindor bag 585g or Christmas Collection bag 460g: $15

  • Nestlé Quality Street tub 726g: $12.50

  • Ferrero Rocher Diamond gift box 24 Pack 300g: $11

  • Toblerone 700g: $10

  • Cadbury Favourites boxed chocolate 570g: $10

  • Lindt Lindor chocolates bag 300-308g: $8

  • Cadbury gift box 220g: $6

  • Mars Maltesers 400g, M&M's peanut 460g or Celebrations 320g: $6

(Image: Coles)

Woolworths half-price boxed chocolates

  • Cadbury Favourites Santa tin 700g: $15

  • Toblerone 700g: $10

  • Lindt Lindor cornet 337g: $10

  • Guylian Seashells 250g: $8

  • Cadbury Roses 450g: $7.75

  • Cadbury Favourites boxed chocolate 373g: $7

  • Mars Maltesers Truffles 196g: $7

  • Ferrero Rocher 200g 16-pack: $6.30

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