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World first: Crowd Media Holdings Limited (CM8.AX) Flags NFT Collection for Celebrity Interactions

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Crowd Media Holdings Limited
Crowd Media Holdings Limited

World first: Crowd Media Holdings Limited (CM8.AX) Flags NFT Collection for Celebrity Interactions

Sydney, Australia, April 20, 2022 - (ABN Newswire) - Over the past 12 months, tech savvy investors that understand the technology behind NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have been making big money from digital assets but as the market rapidly advances, artificial intelligence company Crowd Media Holdings Limited (ASX:CM8) (HAM:CM3) has flagged a world first collection that is currently in development.

Specialists in artificial intelligence applied to humanised interactions, Crowd Media is set to apply their AI-generated media towards an NFT collection which CEO Idan Schmorak describes as a world first.

"We are working on a very big project with an NFT partner in the United States that has created a very successful NFT series."

"We're going, very soon, to create a series that will be all AI generated. It is going to be the first NFT series in the world that will allow you to interact with a person.

"You're not getting a picture, you're not getting a model, you're getting an interaction. And in the future, you'll be able to acquire an interaction with a celebrity that is personally made for you."

The interactions referenced by Schmorak stem from Crowd's Talking Head AI platform which can create digital avatars of real people via deepfake technology and 3D imaging. These avatars are then combined with Crowd's synthetic audio capabilities for voice cloning which then create an authentic replica of the original person-turned-avatar.

To watch Idan Schmorak explain, please visit:

Powering these audio and visual elements is then Crowd's flagtech AI which acts as the 'brain' that processes questions asked for the avatar to then respond in real-time, a process entirely looped by Crowd's AI which can be applied in any of the world's commonly spoken languages.

The market for personalised interactions has taken off in recent years through the launch of OnlyFans where celebrities and influencers have been able to monetise content, and then apply premium prices to personalised content. Taking this market further, Crowd Media and NFT development partner Impssbl are working on a NFT project where a monetary value can be applied to the interaction that can then be openly traded within NFT marketplaces.

This tokenisation of interactions could then enable celebrities and influencers to sell interactions ranging from 10 seconds to an hour to the highest bidder, based on the holder of the NFT.

Conscious of the blurring of reality between human and digital interactions, Schmorak has no intention to deceive token owners, most of which will probably feel more comfortable interacting with the digital avatar than a real person.

"Obviously there is a large amount of ethics that we will need to implement in our system to clarify to the users that they are speaking with a virtual human and that everything is instead of synthetic made, but we are dealing with these subjects every day."

This form of synthetic media is currently experiencing a boom in itself with the acceleration of the Metaverse where proactive companies have been scrambling to digitise their commercial operations for the Metaverse, a process that Crowd Media also facilitates.

As early adopters of most Metaverse concepts, Crowd had already been developing AI for the Metaverse for several years before Facebook rebranded as Meta.

"Crowd has been here developing technology for the last two years. We have stuck to the assumption and the realisation that users are spending more time on the computer and what we miss as users using the Metaverse, those websites, even the day to day, consumer products that we buy online is a human-like experience."

"And this is exactly what we're creating."

About Crowd Media Holdings Limited:

Crowd Media Holdings Ltd (ASX:CM8) (FRA:CM3) is an Artificial Intelligence company that is leveraging its AI platform for applications in Conversational Commerce.


Idan Schmorak, CEO
Crowd Media Holdings Limited

Alfred Chan
Investor Relations

Crowd Media Holdings Limited

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