Woolworths’ plan to make beer out of unwanted food

Pictured: Woolworths supermarket, beer. Images: Getty
Woolworths is making beer out of unsold bread. Would you drink it? Images: Getty

Woolworths is taking recycling to the next level, planning to use old bread to make beer.

The limited edition Loafer pale ale will be made from more than 350 kilograms of unsold bread, converted into ale at Tribe Breweries.

The drink will be sold through BWS and Dan Murphy’s to raise funds to the Feed Appeal charity, which provides meals to Australians in need.

“The ability to divert surplus food away from landfill, and to help support our local food rescue partners to help feed Australians that would otherwise go hungry, is a critical part of our day-to-day operations and support of the community,” said Woolworths head of sustainability Adrian Cullen, describing it as the “first circular economy beer”.

“For every 6 pack of Loafer purchased, you will not only help to put a meal on the table for someone in need, but you will also be enjoying a beer that has helped divert unsold loaves of bread from heading to landfill.”

The beer plan comes as major supermarkets Coles and Woolworths pivot to appeal to more eco-conscious shoppers, with mixed levels of success.

Coles in May introduced its I’m Perfect campaign, which sees fruit and vegetables with imperfections sold at discounted prices to reduce the amount of edible but flawed food being wasted.

According to Harris Farm Markets, around one quarter of Australian produce doesn’t even leave the farm as it’s considered not perfect enough.

Woolworths launched a similar range in 2014, labeled the Odd Bunch range.

And last year, the two supermarkets both pledged to stop using single-use plastic bags at the check-outs. Coles has since claimed its decision has meant 1.7 billion plastic bags have been diverted from landfill.

However, the supermarket giants have also been criticised for their Little Shop and Ooshies campaigns, after the small plastic toys were seen washed up on beaches.

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