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Woolworths shopper's wild $426 saving for asking worker this question

The Aussie mum of four - who works three jobs to "make ends meat" has revealed exactly how she bagged the bargains.

An Aussie mum of four has revealed how she managed to score $570 worth of meat for just $71.60 at her local Woolworths.

Sharing her incredible haul with Yahoo Finance, Sammi Jane said she had never come across such remarkable markdowns.

“First time finding such a bargain. Our freezer is full," she said.

The western Sydney mum's astonishing shop included 33 packets of different cuts of lamb, beef and pork, each ranging in cost, but marked down for a fraction of the regular price.

Woolworths meat haul on table.
Sammi Jane snapped this impressive picture of her bargain Woolworths shop. (Source: Facebook)

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Included in the shop were two packs of lamb cutlets for $2.77, three packs of beef ribs for less than $2 each, 17 packs of diced beef for $1, beef roast for $2.23, four packs of pork ribs for less than $3 each, three packs of beef mince for $1.99 and a pork roast for $3.


So, how did she score such an unbelievable saving? She said she simply spoke to a Woolworths worker.

“I got to the store on Thursday at 2:00pm and the girl was marking the trolley full of meat down so I basically asked, 'Can you do a good price and I’ll take the lot?'” Jane told Yahoo Finance.


To her surprise, the Woolworths employee marked the meat down, with all the packs costing less than $3 each.

“This is the first time I’ve gotten such a great score,” Jane said. "Usually, the meat is only marked down by a dollar. But I told the lady I had a large family who eats me out of house and home so I think she looked after me."

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Woman stands in a pink dress (left) Woolworths sign and logo (right).
The Western Sydney mum said all she did was ask the Woolworths worker. (Source: Supplied/Getty)

The mum said she was ecstatic about the cost of the shop, which she said would last her a few weeks.

“I cook for six. My kids range from 18 to three years old and I always make sure they eat good food so this is really going to help me as I’m working three casual jobs to make ends meet,” she said.

She’s hoping the trolley of meat will last her a couple of weeks if she feeds her family meat every day, including extra for her kids’ lunches which they’ll take in a thermos.

Shoppers impressed by 'great bargain'

As grocery prices continue to skyrocket, especially the price of meat, her impressive haul has not surprisingly got other shoppers talking, with one saying the lucky score would definitely take some of the cost-of-living pressure off.

“Well done! Those cutlets alone are worth nearly that at the moment,” one person wrote on social media after Jane shared the unbelievable meat haul.

“Bloody hell, WELL DONE! Great bargain,” another wrote.

“I’ve never ever seen prices like this ever," said a third.

Woolworths explains how markdowns happen

Naturally, people wanted to know which Woolworths she shopped at and at what time.

But a Woolworths spokesperson said markdowns could happen anywhere at any time, with the decisions made on a store-by-store basis.

“In terms of specific markdowns on products in-store, we use them from time to time to minimise food waste,” the spokesperson said.

“The availability of markdowns will vary from day to day and store to store based on stock levels and demand.”