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Woolworths shopper’s sneaky hack to score extra 10% discount

The Everyday Extra customer said she discovered the trick by total accident.

A Woolworths customer has shared the loophole that allowed her to score 10 per cent off her shop twice in one month.

The Woolworths Everyday Extra subscription gives members a 10 per cent discount off one Woolworths shop and one Big W shop each month - which can be redeemed in-store or online.

But one member said she had accidentally stumbled across a way to get extra discounts by cancelling and signing back up for the loyalty program in the same month.

Woolworths and Everyday Rewards card
The Woolworths customer was able to get 10 per cent off her shop twice in the same month. (Source: AAP/Woolworths)

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Sharing online, the Woolworths customer said she signed up for a free 30-day trial of Everyday Extra in January using a debit card that she didn’t keep any funds in.


“Used my 10 per cent off for January and then used it again the first week of February (so technically it shouldn’t be ready again till March),” she said.

“Totally forgot it was going to direct debit from my other card that had no money in it, so it automatically cancelled my subscription. I realised today so I quickly paid it and started it up again - only to be given another fresh 10 per cent off (that I used tonight)!”


Through the loophole, she said customers who let their subscription run out and then resubscribe could potentially score twice as many discount codes.

The customer said she knew the hack “sounds so stingy” but added she discovered the trick by total accident.

Shoppers divided

Some Woolworths shoppers were impressed by the tip, while others warned the customer about “double dipping” and Woolworths cracking down once it found out.

“Good work but I suspect they’ll catch on eventually,” one said.

“You’ll probably get away with it for a month or two but I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up cancelling your rewards card,” another said.

Some shoppers shared that the hack had also worked for them, while others said they’d benefited from a glitch where they were able to get the 10 per cent off twice - once by shopping online and once by shopping in-store.

The Woolworths website notes that customers should only be able to apply their Extra Discount to one in-store or online shop at Woolworths, and one in-store or online shop at Big W every month.

Everyday Extra offers subscribers a free 30-day trial, before charging $7 per month or $70 per year for the membership.

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