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Woolworths shopper blames 'supermarket maths' for Cadbury price 'rort'

The price discrepancy has left shoppers scratching their heads.

First we had girl maths. Then we had boy maths. Now, hold on to your recyclable shopping bags, because "supermarket maths" has hit the shelves, according to an Aussie woman who spotted a strange price discrepancy at Woolworths.

"Supermarket math is a 360g block of chocolate being $6 and then the same type of chocolate — only 180g — also being $6 but with a $5.50 'for sale' tag on it, and then calling it customer savings," popular TikToker Emmy Rachelle said in a video shared with her 561,000 followers.

Woolworths shopper Emmy Rachelle (left); 360g Cadbury chocolate block (middle); and 180g Cadbury chocolate block (right)
The Woolworths shopper couldn't make sense of the Cadbury prices. (Source: TikTok/@..emmy.m)

The clip then cuts to the confectionary aisle of a Woolies supermarket, where both the Cadbury 360g milk chocolate block and 180g version can be seen, with the prices as described.



Emmy's followers were understandably confused. "It doesn't make any sense," one viewer responded, while someone else commented, "I'm so over supermarkets, they're a rort but we all need to eat."

"That's why I always look at per litre or per gram price," added another shopper.

Pricing ploy or ticketing error?

In a separate incident, a Reddit user appeared equally confused by the price discrepancy, but this time there was no 50c discount on the 180g block.

"The Cadbury 360g blocks of chocolate are the same price as the 180g blocks at Woolworths. Insane inflation or pricing error?" the customer wrote.

"The smaller blocks are double the price per 100g. Wondering if this is a delayed price point change for the 360g, probably will be $9 in a week."

360g Cadbury chocolate blocks (left); 180g Cadbury chocolate blocks on shelf at Woolworths
Another Woolworths shopper spotted two sizes of Cadbury chocolate blocks that were priced the same. (Source: Reddit) (Reddit/thebrownsnake)

Some social media users suggested the smaller blocks were priced the same because Woolies would "never sell as many of the bigger ones".

Whether it's a pricing ploy or a ticketing error remains to be seen, since Woolworths declined to comment on the matter.

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