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Woolworths customer sparks controversy after knocking $235 off bill

The exterior of a Woolworths store and a screenshot the TikTok showing the grocery bill.
A Woolworths has sparked a heated debate after slashing his grocery bill. (Source: Getty / TikTok @justinimpey5)

A savvy Woolworths customer has sparked some controversy online after slashing $235 off their grocery bill with one simple trick at the checkout.

TikToker @justinimpey5 shared footage of his 31-item grocery haul, which came to $349.05, but he managed to bring it down to just $114.70 after scanning his Everyday Rewards card.

While the savings impressed many commenters, others were quick to point out the majority of his savings came from taking advantage of Woolworths’ free plate and glassware promotion - meaning the cost of those items was completely excluded from the final price.

Last October, Woolies announced it was giving Everyday Rewards members the opportunity to earn free plates, glasses and cutlery by shopping in store and online. Members earn a credit for every $20 they spend, which could then be used to redeem the tableware.

Some TikTok commenters felt it was not fair to indicate the items were “freebies” because they would have had to spend a certain amount at Woolworths to earn enough credits to redeem the items.

“Aah so you bought their average quality kitchenware and used points you’ve gained by spending thousands with them - so it’s not really free is it?” said one.

“You're playing the game wrong if you’re spending thousands to get a couple of plates,” another user commented.

However, some were quick to jump to the TikTokers defence, with one user pointing out earning credits did not mean the tableware wasn’t free.

“When you’ve gained those points by just doing your average weekly/fortnightly shopping then yes, they are free,” they commented.

“No one’s saying to spend extra money to get points? If you shop at Woolies you’re gonna be spending the money anyway, it’s just a bonus babes,” another said.

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