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Woman finds 14th century coin worth $5.4K in secret drawer

Image: Phil Barnett/PA Images, via Express and Star
Image: Phil Barnett/PA Images, via Express and Star

It’s nice to find 50 cents in the back of an old drawer, but most would agree that finding $5,439 is a lot nicer.

One lucky woman in England has done just that.

Amy Clapp from Derbyshire found a 14th century coin in a hidden compartment inside an old bureau given to her by a long-lost distant cousin, according to the Express and Star.

The coin dates back to 1365, and while the bureau itself is worth just £60 ($109), the coin could be worth up to £3000 ($5,439).

“I can’t even remember meeting my great cousin but I received a letter from a solicitor before Christmas informing me that I’d been left various items of furniture,” Clapp said.

“Apparently, the will was written when I was 13 years old.”

Clapp wasn’t aware of the secret drawer inside the bureau until she took it to an auctioneer, who discovered the drawer and the coin.

Furniture valuer, Edward Rycroft, who discovered the coin said he knew old bureaus often have “tiny, secret drawers”, often used to store coins.

“But in 10 years of valuing furniture I have never found anything in them – until now.

“It’s the most amazing thing I have ever found by chance. If you’ve got an old bureau at home do check for secret drawers – you never know, you may be sitting on a windfall too,” he added.

Clapp, a family support worker, said her daughter was recently registered as severely impaired with Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, and that the family had just spent all their savings on a car only to have the engine blow up, “so any windfall is welcome”.

The family will donate some of the proceeds from the sale of the coin to the Bardet-Biedl Syndrome UK charity.

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