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‘Woah, say what?’: Gold Billy Banana Stikeez sells for $50,000 on eBay

Image: eBay

Thought a miniature plastic banana from Coles selling for $20,100 on eBay was incredible?

Wait until you hear this: another gold Stikeez has sold on eBay – this time for a staggering $50,000.

The collectable toy reached a winning bid of $50,000 on Saturday 23 March after 64 bids.

It was first listed for auction on 16 March with a starting price of just $1.00.

Facebook group I Bought It At noticed the winning bid on Saturday.

“Woahhhhhh, say whaaaaat?” one member said.

“After the last golden Billy banana stikeez sold for $20,100 we thought that was absolutely crazy. Turns out it was a ‘bargain’ as the latest eBay listing sold for $50,000!”

Image: Facebook

Members were perplexed by the figure, with one user asking: “What’s the point of owning one of these gold bananas? What am I missing?”

Another user described it as “just stupid”.

“They are made from plastic so will degrade to plastic dust – good luck with that.”

Added another, “Another con and more plastic rubbish to end up in the tip or the ocean.”

“Obviously who ever paid 50 thousand for that, has too much money,” suggested another user.

Okay, but really what is the deal?

It’s unclear. The collectable plastic toy is part of a campaign by Coles to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables, with 24 different collectables to collect.

The Golden Billy Banana is one of 100 and entitles the recipient to a $100 Coles gift voucher.

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