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Woolworths, Wiggles team up for new $1, $2 coins

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Hands holding gold Australian coins.
Keep an eye out for these coins in your change. (Image: Getty).

Australians have been told to keep an eye out for some new coins in their Woolworths change, with the Royal Australian Mint releasing new Wiggles-themed coins.

The 8 million coins will be dispersed through Woolworths registers across Australia from 6 October, to mark The Wiggles’ 30th anniversary.

“The Wiggles are a much loved Aussie icon not only for kids, but a whole generation of parents who grew up singing and dancing along to their songs,” Woolworths chief marketing officer Andrew Hicks said.

“We’re excited to be part of their 30 year anniversary celebration with these limited edition coins, which will allow our customers to own a piece of Wiggly history and share it with their family.”

Two Wiggles coins.
The coins will be released through Woolworths.

The Wiggles coins include Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Henry the Octopus and Wags the Dog.

Each of the designs will be released from Wednesday 6 October, starting with Captain Feathersword, then Henry the Octopus on 13 October, Wags the Dog on 20 October and Dorothy the Dinosaur on 27 October.

The Mint will also release $1 coins featuring current and former Wiggles members.

The Royal Australian Mint is also listing a limited edition set of coloured Wiggles coins with scalloped edges.

“Children’s entertainers The Wiggles have brought the joy of music and dance to Australian children all over the world for thirty years. They’re known for their brightly coloured skivvies, popular song lyrics and their signature finger Wiggling move,” the listing reads.

The Wiggles formed in Sydney in 1991 when original member Anthony Field decided to create a children’s music album, enlisting Murray Cook, Greg Page and Jeff Fatt to help him.

The group soon became so successful that they were able to quit their teaching jobs.

By 2009, the group had been listed as Australia’s top-earning earning for four years in a row by Business Review Weekly, and were earning around $45 million per year in revenue.

The skivvied group, now with new members, performs to around 1 million people per year and have received more than 1 billion streams.

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