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Why is the first Sunday of 2024 the busiest day on dating apps?

close up of a young woman lying on her sofa and starting an online chat with a man on a smart phone dating app
Why is Dating Sunday such a big deal on the apps?mapodile - Getty Images

If you’re a dating app user, brace yourself, because the busiest dating day of the year is almost upon us. Dubbed “Dating Sunday”, 7th January is apparently the hottest day to use the apps.

According to Tinder, on this day, more bios are expected to be edited than ever with 2,263 photos added every minute. Messages are expected to be up 22%, and likes are expected to be up 18%. So your chances of a match are set to be higher than ever.

Tinder also told Cosmopolitan UK that on the first Sunday in January users usually respond on average 19.4 minutes faster than on other Sundays of the year. But why might this be? Are we all just thirstier in January? Or is there another reason?

Why is Dating Sunday the most popular day to use dating apps?

Many people are making dating resolutions for 2024, vowing to date smarter, be more open minded and meet the right people and of course, that starts with plucking up the courage to refresh your profile and get back out there. Whether you’re into New Year’s resolutions or not, there’s something promising about a fresh start when it comes to your love life.


And then, there’s just the fact that well, January kind of sucks. The festivities of the holidays are over and we’re back to the same old grind. We could all use a distraction and a little dopamine hit via the sweet, sweet validation that a match brings is a nice little treat, right?

black woman, phone and bed with happy for texting, communication or chat app in house girl, relax and bedroom with smartphone, reading or social media for online dating, flirt and search for love
LaylaBird - Getty Images

The existential dread of beginning another year single can be too much to bear at times – we’ve all felt a little bit like Bridget Jones in January, let’s be honest. And so, the urge to cram our upcoming evenings and weekends with fun and exciting dates in the darkest, coldest month can be very, very tempting. Will we meet the love of our life on a dating app? Is it delusional to think so? There’s only one way to find out…

The experts at Tinder say that January and February are the peak months for dating apps and there are 11.4 million more messages sent globally during this period compared with the rest of the year. So how can you stand out from the clamouring crowd of would-be SOs? Tinder’s Global Relationship Insights Expert, Paul C. Brunson gave us some tips…

How to navigate Dating Sunday like a pro

1. Show the real you

There’s absolutely no point pretending to be someone you’re not on an app, it’ll only waste your time and the other person’s. “People want to see you for who you are and authenticity is important above all else.” explains Brunson. “Focus on images that capture your true personality at different times, in different scenarios – from social situations with friends, to a selfie that shows off your smile. The golden rule is to have at least five photos, and don’t forget to use photo verification. For Tinder users in the 18-25 age group, being photo-verified may increase the number of Tinder matches by 10%.”

friends sitting on the couch in the living room and using mobile phones they are all looking at their screens while using fingers and thumbs to type
Riska - Getty Images

2. More words, more possibilities

Data from Tinder has revealed the optimal amount of words in a Tinder bio is between 15- 45. On top of that 45% of single 18-24 year olds prefer when their potential match is clear about what they want in their dating app bio. So it pays to write something in your bio about what you’re looking for and a little info about yourself too. Don’t leave it blank! “Remember that the best dates happen when you have time to get to know each other on the app before meeting IRL” says Brunson.

3. Showcase your interests

Common ground can reveal a lot about your compatibility with a potential match. Sure, if you like the same TV shows that might not be a recipe for success and in some cases, opposites do attract. However, listing a few things you’re into can provide a simple icebreaker for your first interaction. Brunson explains that, “your interests are what make you, you. By sharing them you'll be more likely to meet people who match your energy.”

cropped shot of young people sitting on the stairs and using smartphones
VioletaStoimenova - Getty Images

4. Express your personality

“First impressions are everything and so I suggest you get creative, and personal, with yours! Ask questions you really want to know the answer to, or light a spark with asking your match about their favourite place to rave, or the name of their pet. You never know what you might learn” advises Brunson.

5. Be open about what you’re looking for

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re on the same page as someone and then being disappointed when they either take things up a notch without warning, or they hit you with the, “I like you but I’m not looking for anything serious” after a three month situationship. “Be clear with your intentions. Being straightforward and honest about what you are looking for from a match will go a long way. Honesty really is the best policy.” says Brunson.

So there you have it, build out your profile, swap shirtless selfies for clear photos of you with your friends and include plenty of information about your dating goals, your interests and your personality quirks and you might just meet the one on Dating Sunday. Good luck out there!

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