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Why Adele is the most ‘dangerous’ celebrity

·2-min read
Adele posing in a black dress.
Why Adele is the most ‘dangerous’ celebrity. Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Singer-songwriter Adele, who is famous for chart-toppers like Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You is the most dangerous celebrity - when it comes to cybersecurity, that is.

According to new research from cybersecurity firm McAfee, Adele attracts the riskiest search results - ones that could potentially trigger web-surfers to unknowingly install malware on their devices.

Adele is hugely popular for her musical talents, but according to McAfee, she’s also garnered particular interest in her fitness journey.

“With Aussies taking to the web to follow her transformation and consume all the ‘Adele’ content they can get their hands on while she has been lying low for four years since her latest release, McAfee’s research shows that the singer is in fact the most dangerous celebrity to search for in 2020, as her name generates the most harmful links online,” the firm stated.

But she’s not the only dangerous celeb: Rising TikTok star Charli D’Amelio is also on there, as is Beyoncé.

“Consumers’ fascination with pop culture could be putting them at risk as cybercriminals hone in on increased searches for celebrity news and new release entertainment,” Alex Merton-McCann, cyber safety ambassador ANZ at McAfee said.

“Deceptive practices such as fake websites promising free content can lead unsuspecting consumers to malicious sites purpose-built to steal valuable, personal information or take over devices. Now more than ever, it is crucial consumers stay vigilant and always think before they click to protect their digital lives.”

Here’s the full list of dangerous celebrities:

  1. Adele

  2. Anna Kendrick

  3. Drake

  4. Cara Delevigne

  5. Charli D’Amelio

  6. Alicia Keys

  7. Avril Lavigne

  8. Benee

  9. Camila Cabello

  10. Beyoncé

How do I stay safe online?

There are four ways to stay safe online.

  1. Be careful what you click

  2. Refrain from illegally downloading files

  3. Get a cybersecurity solution

  4. Use parental control software

“The safest thing to do is to wait for official releases, leverage legitimate streaming platforms, and only visit reputable news sites, instead of clicking through to third-party websites that could contain malware,” the firm stated.

“Whether consumers prefer throwing it back to Alicia Keys’ greatest hits or rushing to stream Drake’s new album – it is important to only use legitimate music streaming platforms, even if they come at a cost.”

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