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Whitehaven appoints new CEO

Coal miner Whitehaven has named the former head of Nathan Tinkler's private company as its new chief executive.

Paul Flynn will take over at Whitehaven on March 25, replacing the company's Tony Haggarty who had been in the role for more than four years.

Mr Flynn, formerly the managing director of Tinkler Group Holdings, joined Whitehaven as a non-executive director when Mr Tinkler's Aston Resources merged with Whitehaven in May 2012.

He previously was with Ernst and Young, where he worked with resources companies including Xstrata, Worley Parsons and Peabody Energy.

"Obviously, Paul is extremely well known to the rest of the board and this appointment is one that makes compelling sense on a number of levels," Whitehaven chairman Mark Vaile said in a statement on Thursday.

Mr Haggarty indicated at the time of the Aston merger that he would remain in the top role.