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‘We’ve identified a number of issues’: Opal Tower report inconclusive

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Investigators into the cracked Sydney Opal Tower have released their interim report, finding the building is “sound” but there are “significant rectification works” required.

The report, shared with state government last week, ruled out extreme weather and dodgy materials as causing the damage, but found several factors could have contributed to the huge crack in the Sydney building.

“We’ve identified a number of design and construction issues, a combination of which caused the observed damage,” University of NSW dean of engineering Mark Hoffman told media today.

“We need further information to ascertain which of these was materially important for the damage that was observed.”

NSW Minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts said the investigation process needs to be respected.

“We need to respect the process that is being undertaken by our independent consultants…the process that the builder must undertake and the process that the owner’s corporation will be undertaking.”

‘The Australian dream has become the Australian nightmare’

Residents have refused to move back in to the apartment until they can be assured that works are complete.

A spokesperson for the Opal Tower residents told media today there is “no reason” to return to the site until it is safe, secure and in its former condition.

“No resident wants to live on a construction site. No owner deserves this to happen to them. We have suffered – I can say on behalf of all the owners – people were buying into the Australian dream – and it’s become an Australian nightmare for us,” he said.

“There are 392 apartments, each one has their story. These stories have not come out yet.

“We would like the professionals to be left to do their job and we do not want to move in to a site which has construction and works are being done until it is fully rectified and fully complete and engineers have said on letterhead it is safe for reoccupation.”

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