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WATCH: TERRIFYING fake 'police' rob Sydney currency exchange store

Image: NSW Police

NSW Police have asked for public help in resolving the case of two men who robbed a money exchange store in northern Sydney last month.

The duo allegedly entered a currency exchange shop on the first floor of a building in Rowe Street, Eastwood, identifying themselves as police officers to a 54-year-old female shopkeeper and a 31-year-old male customer.

The customer was forced to the ground, according to police, while one of the men jumped the counter to empty the store’s safe into a bag and robbed the wallets of both witnesses.

Police this morning released CCTV footage of the pair entering the shop – at around 1:20pm on Wednesday March 20 – hoping that the public can assist with their investigation.

One of the men is described as 182cm tall, aged in his late 20s, and of Caucasian appearance with medium-length strawberry blond hair. The other is described as 180cm tall, also aged in his late 20s, and of Caucasian appearance with a tanned complexion, short black hair and a trimmed beard.

Both are shown on CCTV wearing black suits with white shirts, black ties and sunglasses.

Anyone that can provide information is urged to contact Ryde Police Station or Crime Stoppers.

Both witnesses were unharmed from the robbery, which the suspects drove away from.

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