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Warning to Australia Post customers: 'Invalid address'

f you receive a suspicious email from ‘Australia Post’, check it twice. It could be a scam.

Australia Post office sign.
Aussies are being warned about a new scam impersonating Australia Post. (Source: Getty)

Are you waiting for a package in the mail? Well, that’s what scammers are banking on.

Aussies are being warned over a new scam impersonating Australia Post, which is trying to steal their personal information and credit card details.

MailGuard sounded the alert and told Aussies to look out for an email with the subject line, “Invalid address, we couldn’t find you” from a sender purporting to be Australia Post.

“The formatting of the email is not quite as clean as you would expect from Australia Post and doesn’t use any branding except for the red that you typically see in their logos,” MailGuard said.

In the email, the recipient is told “an error occurred during the delivery of your recommended letter” and that they need to pay $4.92 to correct their address details.

“The scammer creates a sense of urgency by adding, ‘Note: unconfirmed parcels/registered letters will be returned to the merchant within 48 hours’ at the bottom of the email,” MailGuard said.

Australia Post scam
MailGuard shared this image of the Australia Post scam email. (Source: MailGuard)

This could trick Aussies into providing their personal information without carefully considering the authenticity of the email, MailGuard said.

By clicking on the link in the email, the recipient is taken to a phishing site, which uses the Australia Post logo. They are asked to provide their phone number, email address, street address and city.

They are then taken to a “card verification” page and are asked for their payment details. Finally, they are taken to an SMS confirmation page to verify their details.

“This is common in credit card scams, as the attacker attempts to charge the card to check that it’s valid before storing it for later use,” MailGuard said.

If you receive this email, MailGuard says to delete it immediately and to not click on any links.

Australia Post said it would never call, text or email you asking for personal information or requesting payment.

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