Vivid is back and we’re throwing a crypto art party

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Yahoo and Future Art showcase the future of the internet at Vivid Festival 2022

The ongoing crypto revolution and the birth of Web3 have already begun to rewrite industries and alter the fabric of our digital worlds. Web3 is the next generation of the internet, where users are in control of their data and identity, built on the back of decentralised technologies such as blockchain and peer-to-peer networking.

From the way we interact with one another to the way we define value and conduct business, art-on-blockchain has the potential to touch everything. The potential for crypto assets and decentralised ownership to redefine the way we work and play is immense, but before that can happen we need to reach a broader understanding of what Web3 can do and who can benefit from the technology, the cultural shifts, and the new financial models it will create.

Artists are leading the way

Artists are on the cutting edge of a movement in crypto media, translating the system shock that tokenisation represents while exploring the new opportunities that have come about for them to make a living from their work. Artists can now build communities, innovate new mediums, and challenge existing notions of what it means to have a career in the arts. For many of these artists, it's not about chasing the multi-million dollar fortunes of headline-grabbing crypto creators such as Beeple; it's about reaching for a sustainable income and a new level of empowerment and respect for the creator economy.

Serwah Attafuah: RAIN ROOM 2022. Original NFT for Yahoo Future Shock
Serwah Attafuah: RAIN ROOM 2022. Original NFT for Yahoo Future Shock

In a move to educate its broader readership about crypto and web3 through art, Yahoo has partnered with curators Future Art on a live event and series that helps elevate and demystify NFTs and digital artworks. The partnership, called Future Shock, will help broaden the knowledge of Yahoo readers by providing deeper insight into the world of Web3. Future Shock is conceived to be accessible for those already interested in the space and introduce crypto art to a broader audience and promote awareness and education about the potential of Web 3 for artists, creators, and investors.

Crypto art has emerged as an entry point for Web3's conceptual foundations, and Yahoo's partnership with Future Art will help educate and onboard Yahoo Finance readers into the new world.

EM!: A Long Awaited Holiday. Original NFT for Yahoo Future Shock
EM!: A Long Awaited Holiday. Original NFT for Yahoo Future Shock

Future Art and Yahoo will launch an immersive digital art gallery, which will showcase the work of the artists involved. The project explores how technology will shape the future and aims to provide a unique window to artists' perspective for visitors. The gallery allows users to explore the artwork in immersive media, learn more about each artist, and see how their work was created. Each work in the series is produced in memetic languages specific to Web 3, making them truly unique art pieces.

In addition, the artworks will be on show at the ‘Future Art is Vivid’ event at Home The Venue on Friday May 27, 7pm. Organised by Future Art as part of Vivid’s opening night, the event will showcase original artworks from 24 of the world’s leading crypto-artists, including The Sarah Show (USA), Coldie (USA), EM! (Japan), Giant Swan (Australia), Marc-O-Matic (Australia), and Sydney’s own Robson and Serwah Attafuah, along with collectible NFT art from Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

Yahoo Future Shock will launch at Future Art is Vivid on Friday May 27th.
Yahoo Future Shock will launch at Future Art is Vivid on Friday May 27th.

Guests will be able to interact with the works and the stories behind them, plus experience immersive shows, live music, theatrical performances, AR/VR lounges, and cocktail bars. The ‘Future Art is Vivid’ show is curated by Future Art, the brainchild of Sydney-based crypto art curator Sats Moon and Potbelleez Producer and DJ Dave Goode, two pioneers of the Australian digital art scene.

Sats Moon comments:Future Art is Vivid has been curated as a multi-sensory journey to remodel your experience of contemporary art. We’re so excited to be bringing the very best international crypto-artists onto the Australian stage.

In a time where technology is ever-changing, it's essential to have a way to visually document the progress and the evolution of our human contact, interactions, and relationships with the digital realm - something that speaks to Yahoo's long history of digital innovation. This is what the Future Shock artists are exploring in their work. The series includes pieces that represent the shifting eras of digital culture or show how social media and online creator economies have changed and altered the way we interact with each other. The artists involved in Future Shock are united by their vision to create a better future, shaped by technology and grounded in human connection.

“Future Art is Vivid 2022” is an immersive crypto art nightclub event at Home The Venue, Darling Harbour, Sydney on Friday, 27th May. Be prepared to be curious, be prepared to be shocked. Tickets are on sale now