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Australians urged to claim share of $100 million

Are you sitting on a pile of cash? Image: Getty

Imagine having an extra $994,994 to your name, but not knowing about it. 

For one Victorian woman, that’s her reality. 

The Victorian Unclaimed Money Register is calling on Victorians to check if they’re owed any money, with claimants owed between $20 and $994,994. 

All up, the register has $100 million waiting to be picked up. 

The money is largely made up of unclaimed share dividends, wages, bonds, interest and proceeds of a sale. 

Where’s the money? 

Victorians have unclaimed money in all regions. In Greater Melbourne there’s: 

  • $433,888 in Footscray (2,529 entitlements),

  • $284,951 in Eltham (2,562 entitlements), 

  • $347,916 in Hoppers Crossing (3,553 entitlements), 

  • $958,894 in Richmond (6,234 entitlements) and 

  • $578,609 in Doncaster (3,168 entitlements).

And in regional Victoria there’s: 

  • $2.7 million in Geelong (25,137 entitlements), 

  • $1.28 million in Ballarat (11,296 entitlements) and 

  • $1.1 million in Bendigo (11,069 entitlements).

Treasurer Tim Pallas said Victorians will “know within seconds” if they’re sitting on unclaimed cash.  

One man in Ivanhoe East has 70 entitlements to his name, worth $16,888 and another woman in Brighton East has $412,610 to her name. 

“This is money that is just waiting to be collected by their rightful owners. We encourage all Victorians, businesses and community groups to do a search – you may be pleasantly surprised.”

You can claim your money here

If you’re outside of Victoria, there are unclaimed revenue offices in each state and territory so it’s worth having a search just in case. 

CommBank customers can also use the bank's app to search for unclaimed money.

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