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$66,820: Do YOU own any of these valuable ‘90s toys?

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(Source: Getty, Amazon)
(Source: Getty, Amazon)

Dust off the boxes in your attic or basement and dig up your old toys – because they could be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Owners of a ‘Rainbow The Chameleon’ Beanie Baby toy from 1997 can fetch US$50,000 – or AU$66,820 – if they sell it online, according to analysis of 343 toys by TheToyZone.

“Rare, well-preserved toys from the 1990s are worth a mint in 2021,” wrote TheToyZone’s John Cole.

But if you don’t have that specific Beanie Babies toy, never fear – nine of the 10 most valuable ‘90s toy are Beanie Babies.

So if you own a Valentina (With Errors) or a Valentino, you could give it up for an extra $39,500 or $32,913.20 more in your wallet respectively.

(Source: eBay, Etsy)
(Source: eBay, Etsy)

The Valentino toy is so valuable that one has been listed on Etsy for US$42,301.

(Source: Etsy)
(Source: Etsy)

Pouch, Princess Diana (Rare Edition) and Maple The Bear (With Errors) will fetch you upwards of $23,000.

And even the tenth game on the list – a Nintendo 64 game “Goldeneye 007” – is worth around $19,000.

And if action figures were your thing, the most valuable one from the ‘90s is Scratch from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at $7,700.

According to TheToyZone, here are top 12 most valuable ‘90s toys:

(Source: TheToyZone)
(Source: TheToyZone)
(Source: TheToyZone)
(Source: TheToyZone)

If you don’t have any of those, but you have a Care Bear, the right ones could go for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

And old Disney VHS’ have sold on eBay for more than $25,000.

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