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Umbrella goes viral after office workers locked out for days

(Image: Twitter/NeerajKA)

An umbrella has gone viral on social media after it locked workers out of an office for two days.

Coincenter communications director Neeraj K Agrawal first posted on Twitter that his friend's entire company had been locked out of their office because an umbrella fell and jammed the door.

"No one can figure it out. It’s been like this for 2 days."

The umbrella had been left standing against a wall near the door, but overnight it had fallen into the perfect position to jam the door from opening – perplexing staff who showed up for work in the morning.

The tweet that went viral about the umbrella that locked office workers out for days.

"It was geometrically perfect, how the umbrella had fallen. The door would not budge. We tried coat hangers, we tried our fingers, we tried wedging it, we tried picking it up," the owner of the umbrella, Mike Ponticelli, told Vice.

Office rental company WeWork, who manages the space, was called but its staff couldn't solve the problem either.

By the next day the Internet was involved, with Agrawal's post retweed and liked thousands of times.

A group of netizens asked Ponticelli why the glass was not broken.

"I think that most people don’t have the good sense to know how much breaking the glass would be a mess and a danger. If my dog was trapped in there, or a child, I would have broken it," he said.

"But this is an office environment. It’s just a room with computers. Everyone was cool. Nobody’s insulin was trapped inside or anything."

Eventually the office was regained after a hole was cut through the floor of the level above, with a wire used to nudge the umbrella loose.

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