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Uber driver’s viral ‘ride menu’ offers different chat topics

An Uber driver's menu has gone viral. Image: Getty, Reddit (That1Girrrl)

An Uber driver in Alaska has had his “ride menu” go viral on Reddit after a passenger shared the hilarious document offering several ride types.

The menu, posted by user That1Girrl, offers passengers a choice between ‘The Simon and Garfunkel Ride - Sounds of Silence’, the ‘Analyst Ride’, in which the driver offers life advice and insight into your problems, and the ‘Informative Ride’, where the driver tells passengers everything about Alaska.

“The driver was an elderly man with a BEYOND immaculate car,” That1Girrl said.

“It was clear he took his job seriously and wanted everyone to have a pleasant ride. 10/10 wholesome.”

What would you choose from this Uber menu? Image: Reddit (That1Girrl)

She went on to explain that the driver was a Vietnam veteran who was using Uber to fund his retirement.

Now, thousands of Reddit users are split on what they would choose from the menu.

“I want to ride with him a lot. I want all the rides,” SmallTownJerseyBoy wrote.

“Simon and Garfunkel, all day everyday,” pad1007 argued.

Others said they loved the menu because they find chatty drivers frustrating when they just want to zone out or use their phone.

“I once took an Uber for an early flight. The guy came and picked me up at 3:30 in the morning. The dude would not shut up. He talked kept making conversation when I was so obviously not awake. I do not care about how you buy your vegetables at Whole Foods, it is 3:30 in the morning!” ZolaMonster summarised.

“Coming from a passenger, it's really frustrating when I'm in the back of an uber obviously with my head down reading my phone, and he wants to chat. You sound like my ideal uber driver,” another said.

Earlier this week Uber began testing a new feature in Australia allowing users to avoid conversations if they don’t feel like it.

“Quiet mode” launched in the US in May, and is now in Australia. The feature is only available on Uber Premium but allows riders to request silence with the touch of a button, before taking the ride.

“If you know you’ve got work emails to catch up on its best to book Premium and opt for quiet mode,” an Uber spokesperson told Yahoo News.

However, they added, “Courtesy is important and it’s still nice to say, ‘hi’.”

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