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Man ‘dozes off’ in Uber, wakes to $2,700 bill

Source: Twitter (@plastician), Getty

An Uber home after a big night out is far from a rare occurrence, but being charged $2,700 for it is.

But this is what happened to English man, Chris Reed, after his Uber driver took him for a 480km ride around England before dropping him home.

The price: £1453.86, or AU$2,676.

“Spent this week trying to get answers from Uber as to how my driver managed to drive me halfway up the UK while I dozed off thinking I was headed from Fulham to Croydon. Woken up in the Midlands! Didn’t hear a peep from my driver. £1453.86. 5 1/2 hrs on surge price x2,” the man wrote on Twitter.

Source: Twitter (@plastician)

“Don’t drink & drive but also, don’t drink and get in an Uber as this could happen to anyone. If I am forced to pay this ridiculous fare in its entirety then I at least hope it saves people reading this from the same happening to them,” Reed continued.

He said he had ordered the Uber after a night out in London before falling asleep in the back of the car. When he woke, he found he was in Lincolnshire, 160km away from his Croydon destination.

Source: Twitter (@plastician)

According to Reed, an Uber employee confirmed with him that he had entered his home destination as the address, but Uber later denied this.

“An Uber employee at the call centre confirmed with me on Tuesday that my home address was on the booking when I called it in. They are now denying this yet have no proof that I ever entered an address in Sleaford - a destination I have never been to in my LIFE,” Reed said.

Source: Twitter (@plastician)

The fare has since left his account, with Reed saying he has little hope Uber will amend the situation.

“So after frustrating days of trying to avoid having to plaster this over socials, a reminder, Uber, take ZERO responsibility for their passenger’s safety," read said.

"NO indication inside my app of that address being entered by me. Drivers can change destinations on a trip".

Uber is looking into the matter.

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