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The trick that's saving Aussies $1,300 a year on groceries

Model shopping trolley sitting on laptop computer
Research shows six in 10 Aussies want to save money on food. (Source: Getty)

New financial habits data is shining a light on a simple act that Australians can be doing to save more than $1,300 annually on groceries - and it doesn't involve giving up your morning coffee.

A research survey by ING and YouGov found 86 per cent of respondents were hoping to save money this year, with 38 per cent seeking to cut back on their grocery bills.

The data also revealed online grocery shopping could be the key to Aussies controlling their spending, with the average shopper saving $1,369 a year by doing their weekly grocery shop online.

Online shopping at supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths has grown exponentially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with 78 per cent of people now ordering groceries online more often than they did before the pandemic began.

Shoppers discovering many benefits of online grocery shopping

Australians have identified a range of benefits that come with ordering groceries online.

When compared to heading in store, the research reveals 62 per cent of shoppers order groceries online to save time; 58 per cent order online to avoid crowds; 33 per cent order online to save money; and 31 per cent order online to control impulse buying.

Amy Cunningham, ING's Head of Digital said: "Buying your groceries online could be one of the easiest ways to save money.

"The $1,369 saved by the average shopper may cover two months’ of utility bills or the costs for a year’s worth of swimming lessons for one child."

Woman pushing grocery trolley holding phone
The time saved by shopping online is also said to be the equivalent of one extra long weekend per year. (Source: Getty)

The research also showed that over the course of a year, the time saved by doing groceries online instead of in store equated to a three-day weekend.

"Getting an extra-long weekend of time back to spend doing the things that matter most is a real added benefit," Ms Cunningham said.

Another secret to saving revealed

ING also revealed another way Aussies could save this year was linked to pre-prepared meals.

Shoppers are reportedly saving $1,503 per year by opting for subscriptions like YouFoodz and HelloFresh, according to the recent data, with 76 per cent of Aussies turning to meal kits to reduce their shopping budget.

"The money saved through using meal kit subscriptions is approximately the same price as a one-way economy ticket to Los Angeles from the east coast of Australia," Ms Cunningham said.

"This research shows that Australians are not always paying for convenience, and they could actually be saving as a result of using it.

"Small changes to how you shop could really save you a lot of money and time."

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