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Toyota made a gorgeous wooden car that fits together like a jigsaw puzzle

Jacob Shamsian
Toyota Setsuna

What if a car was made out of wood?

That's the idea behind the Toyota Setsuna, a recently revealed concept car. The car's doors, walls, and exterior paneling are made from different types of wood -- and it looks gorgeous.

The car is fully functioning. Under the hood, you'll see a normal, gas-powered metal engine. But, it's too beautiful to be regularly used.

Here's what the pieces look like when they're all laid out.

The pieces fit together with an intricate locking mechanism like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

The pieces are joined together with a traditional Japanese technique called okuriari, which means that the pieces hook into holes in the car without using nails or screws.

The car was designed by the Milan-based Japanese architect Naohiko Mitsui, who wanted to make a concept for a car that can be passed down within a family, across generations.

Here's what the car looks like when it's assembled.

The car itself is really stylish.

Different types of wood are used for different parts of the car. The seats and steering wheel, for example, use darker wood.

Even the finer parts of the car are made with wood in mind.

No small detail is overlooked.

Practically speaking, the Toyota Setsuna isn't very useful: It doesn't go faster than 45km/h per hour. But it sure looks cool.

The car was shown off at Milan Design Week in April. The facade of the display room itself was made from aged cedar wood panels.

The walls of the inside of the display room used parallel glass panels, making it look like the car is receding into eternity.