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The Top 10 Brand Designers Doing Things Differently

·12-min read

Boost Media Agency

Top 10 Brand Designers
Top 10 Brand Designers
Top 10 Brand Designers

New York City, New York, Sept. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the ultra competitive environment that is 2020, no longer is it enough to have a business to succeed - you must create a brand. Your brand is the image and identity that your business projects to the world, and the way your business is perceived by your audience. According to Boost Media Agency, having a powerful brand is the key to stand out, get noticed, attract your ideal clients and ultimately grow. Fortunately for us, there is an elite group of brand designers who help businesses to get noticed and grow like they’ve never seen before. Having mastered the art of capturing attention through creating captivating, powerful brands, here we present the 10 brand designers leading the way in their industry:

Julian Rotondo (@juju.branding)

Julian Rotondo is a brand curator and design strategist based in Montreal, Canada. Having studied Graphic Design in Rosemount Technology Centre, Julian began his career as a Logo Concept Designer at LogoMojo. After two years, he worked for another agency as a Brand Development and Design Lead, all the while trying to build his own branding business. In 2018, he founded Juju Branding, to help businesses create their own unique brand identities. Julian’s approach to branding is based upon thoughtful discovery and powerful design, helping them build an authentic connection with their audiences.

Julian’s commitment to his clients includes transparency from beginning to the end, and as his client, he will help you stand out in your respective target market by bringing your values and stories at the forefront of your overall aesthetic. In his own words, “At the end of the day, we don’t build brands on our own. With the help of our clients, we uncover insights and use those insights to bridge gaps between their product/service and their consumers.” Julian’s world-class skills, knowledge and breadth of experience ensure he’s able to turn a business into a captivating brand, which he’s successfully done time and time again.

Michelle Wintersteen (

Michelle Wintersteen is the content creator, brand designer, and creative director behind MKW Creative Co. Since starting MKW CC in 2014, Michelle has worked with hundreds of small business owners to create brag-worthy brands. Michelle’s approach is rooted in research, weaving each entrepreneur's mission, vision, and goals into every design project to create visuals that connect with ideal clients and convert them into brand fans.

Michelle is also a diehard foodie, avid traveler (with more than 50 countries under her belt), and social media junkie. She loves to share free advice, behind the scenes, and open dialogue on branding and marketing through the ‘Kiss My Aesthetic’ podcast, Facebook group and her weekly interview series desIGn Live, Michelle and her team are committed to helping you as a brand and educate you with better marketing practices in ways that are anything but boring.

Sam Caron (@thesamcaron)

Sam Caron is a brand strategist, designer and the founder of Splash, a Belgian based branding agency. After 6 years of working as a brand and marketing manager, Sam ventured out on his own, working with ambitious start-ups, personal brands and small businesses.

His background in marketing and design helped him create brand strategies that efficiently translate his customer’s identities into a marketing plan that works. Sam’s level of commitment in Splash is second to none and his customers can attest that his strategies are worth the investment.

His approach to branding involves more than the delivery of the final brand and style guide. He gives his clients a roadmap that helps businesses get started and streamline their approach to branding so they will not get lost in the process.

Besides being a brand strategist and designer on demand, Sam enjoys teaching through social media and connecting with peers in the community. He also hosts a podcast where he shares some tips in branding and invites successful people in their entrepreneurial endeavours. Sam’s incredible work is set to make him a household name in the world of branding.

You can check out some of his work here

Funsho Felix (@bransolute)

Working in the branding industry for a number of years, Funsho Felix is a brand designer, strategist, educator and consultant, who’s helped numerous businesses in Nigeria and beyond - all the while building a huge community of branding enthusiasts and business professionals on Instagram. By putting up high-quality branding content in the platform consistently, he has grown to over 20k followers thus far. He founded Bransolute, a branding agency committed to building brands that win the hearts of the people. His dedication to helping entrepreneurs and businesses alike enabled him to have worked with some of the trusted brands in their fields such as Upstream Doors LLC, DMV, Ogbega Leather & Craft Company, Sixcode Record Label, We Read African and many more.

Funsho believes that brand building is beyond just working with visuals. Successful brands are built on strong foundations through brand strategy. Through Bransolute, Funsho builds brands that win hearts by creating customized and tailored brand strategies that employ strategic positioning informed by market data. This, in turn, helps brands achieve radical differentiation in their industries while also providing them with creative customer-focused brand designs.

Jacinta Gandy (@jacinta_gandy)

For over ten years, Jacinta Gandy has worked for Fortune 100 brands at some of NYC’s leading marketing agencies. Spending a decade in this industry, she was able to acquire digital marketing strategies that have earned businesses millions in revenue. When she finally got sick and tired of working long hours, Jacinta decided to build her own business - founding Social Circle, initially as a social media agency. Through 1:1 work with clients, Jacinta quickly realized that bringing a brand from ideation to realization made her heart sing. When one of her clients asked her if she could also design her logo and website, Jacinta accepted the challenge and the rest was history.

Today, Jacinta works primarily as a brand and web designer, servicing clients embarking on their entrepreneurial journey. She works with individuals who want to take their businesses to the next level by investing in professional design. Her approach towards branding is more than a pretty logo, color scheme, and web design. She makes sure that every design decision is made with intention. As her client, she will help you understand your target audience, help you pick the right website platform, help you streamline your services and help you launch your business with confidence.

Karima Neghmouche (@karima.creative)

Based in Durham, NC, Karima Neghmouche is a brand designer who works around the clock, ensuring that her clients have the brand and website of their dreams. Graduating from college and landing her dream job, it wasn’t long until Karima was fired – which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as she landed a role as the Director of marketing for 10 healthcare companies. Lacking the fulfillment and freedom she was after in this role, she decided not to follow her mother’s advice of climbing the corporate ladder. Taking her talents elsewhere, she founded Karima Creative and has since manifested her desires into the freedom and life she dreamed of.

Getting to empower her clients to reach new heights in their business is what excited Karima, and she works with passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want an amazing brand, and the freedom that comes with is. More than just a brand designer, Karima empowers her clients to walk tall with confidence and feel proud to show off their websites- creating sites and brands that are magnetic and create an unforgettable client experience, effortlessly and effectively attracting their dream clients. “I focus on intuitive design and adapt my style to every single one of my clients” Karima explains. Karima’s belief in the power of branding stems from her own experience of being able to change her own life through a world-class brand, and she can help you do the same.

Carol Hampshire (@carolhampshire)

For over 24 years, Carol Hampshire has been working with start-up companies and 7-figure entrepreneurs worldwide, as a brand designer and coach. Carol knows exactly how to build a brand from the inside out, ensuring that it’s in alignment with their passion and purpose. She creates custom websites and sales pages that truly reflect the essence of brands because in doing so, the rightful audience and target market will be naturally attracted to the products and services the business is trying to sell.

By following her unique framework, Carol navigates a brand’s vision, values and voice, creating aligned visuals that are easily recognizable and help her clients position themselves as experts in their field. As a coach herself, she brings out the essence of a personal brand by asking the right questions as they venture into preparing what they need to create a successful business launch.

In a world where there is so much noise and confusion, Carol’s mission is to help brands to be crystal clear in what they want to achieve. Through visually gorgeous designs, she is sure to craft a brand that is unique and will make any business stand out from the crowd.

Brittney Campbell (@royaldaughters)

A lover of art and design since her childhood days, Brittney Campbell has grown up, venturing into a career aligned with her passion. She’s a brand designer and strategist working with entrepreneurs wanting to elevate their online presence with a professional design that truly showcases their expertise, making them feel more memorable, seen and easily recognizable.

Brittney owes her high school teacher the motivation in expanding her horizon and trying out new things. She won an award for Best Painting “I Have a Dream” in one of the local art shows back in her high school days. But contrary to what others see in her, Brittney experienced struggling and wondering if her designs were good enough. One night, while doodling some scriptures in her journal, an idea came to her that she can make art to encourage other women and believe in themselves. That’s how she started her business and went from self-doubt to confidence right away. It’s amazing how God’s word lights her up that she wanted to do the same for others.

Through her personal brand, Royal Daughters, Brittney will help you turn your ideas into a brand that will make you stand out from the rest. Brittney’s strategy focuses heavily on Instagram marketing - where she shares her advice on her branding tips and strategy, to help you grow your brand with her expertise and guidance.

Pippa Stone (@_heypippa)

Born in the UK, Pippa Stone is now living in Bali, Indonesia as a brand designer. Quitting her 9-5 job in the corporate world back in 2018, she embarked upon a journey traveling around Southeast Asia. With a new perspective after traveling, she knew she didn’t want to go back to her previous life. Always having a deep passion for design, writing and photography lead Pippa to create her design studio, Hey Pippa. Working remotely while doing what she loves best inspired her to help others do the same.

Pippa runs her business remotely from Bali, but she serves clients from around the world. So far, she has worked with women from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France and the Netherlands - the majority of her clients are coaches and service-based businesswomen. Like herself, more and more women are saying goodbye to corporate life, choosing to pursue their passions, and be their own boss. Pippa strongly believes in the importance of personal branding to help stand out from the crowd, and this is where Pippa shines. Her approach to brand strategy and design lays the foundation for their businesses as a whole and not just creating a logo for their brand.

Carly Schroeder (@nomadicmediaco)

Carly Schroeder is a personal brand designer and business coach for spirit-led entrepreneurs wanting to stand out, make an impact and live a life of freedom. Prior to becoming a full-time business owner, she spent a few years working in corporate advertising and learned how multimillion-dollar corporations build strong brands through visuals and messaging. Two years into corporate life, she found a community of women who were replacing their corporate salaries with their own online businesses - which she fell in love with the idea of. She spent her last year in corporate building her business until she eventually quit and started her entrepreneurial journey full-time.

Carly founded Nomadic Media & Design, a design studio focused on working with personal brands and integrating their own unique style in their business. She has spent the last year studying Human Design and integrating that with business in order to help her clients create authentic brands and impact-driven results. Along with her BIG BOLD BRAND visual design & website package, she also helps entrepreneurs who are just getting started find their own way through business coaching support. Inside her program Freedom By Design, she and her business partner help entrepreneurs step into their power of becoming trailblazers through a blend of Human Design and business strategy. Then BIG BOLD BRAND will do it’s magic in helping them stand out with quality visuals that parallel their message.

Make sure to follow each of these incredible brand designers, as they continue to thrive and create amazing brands. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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