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Man issues warning after 'dangerous' online dating experience: 'What she did was bad'

Morgan Greenwald
·2-min read

When you match with someone on a dating app, make sure to confirm that they are who they say they are before pursuing a relationship.

TikTok user Jake Hemeyer learned this the hard way after he discovered that the Bumble match he had been talking to for months was actually someone else entirely.

In a series of viral videos, Hemeyer shared the story of how he got catfished, calling it “the worst experience I ever went through.”

As Hemeyer explained in his first video, he matched with a girl on Bumble named Isabela and for the past two months, they have been talking on the phone and texting each other pretty regularly. Since they had talked on the phone before, he never suspected that she was lying about anything.

One day, though, Hemeyer noticed something strange on Isabela’s Instagram feed: a picture of her with her supposed ex-boyfriend.

“She told me stories that that guy used to hit her,” he explained. “So I asked her about it. […] She ended up telling me her name is Savannah, not Isabela, and she ended up blocking me immediately after.”

After this shocking revelation, Hemeyer contacted the real Isabela and her boyfriend and found out that he isn’t the first person to have been catfished by Savannah. According to Seth, Isabela’s real boyfriend, one of Savannah’s victims apparently even flew out to Texas to meet “Isabela.”

In a second TikTok video, Hemeyer revealed that Isabela has allegedly communicated with Savannah’s parents, asking if they could intervene and get their daughter to stop using her pictures. However, according to Hemeyer, she has “yet to quit and is still persistent on her identity … with several guys.”

After Hemeyer’s first video went viral, many people who allegedly know Savannah came forward with stories of their own. One anonymous person called her “a compulsive liar” and “one of the fakest people I’ve ever met.”

Many people took to the comments to condemn catfishing.

“Catfishing is not fair and super messed up,” one person said.

“What she did was bad,” another added.

“She’s really putting that girl in danger doing that!” a third wrote.

Others didn’t quite understand how Hemeyer got catfished in 2021, when people can just FaceTime. Even Catfish host Nev Schulman chimed in, writing, “How may times do I have to tell you guys!!!”

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