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TikTok user discovers ‘scary’ hidden room after tearing out wall in his apartment: ‘Literally looks haunted’

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A TikTok user is going viral after sharing the strange, hidden room he found after investigating an unstable wall in his apartment.

The series of videos come courtesy of user @loganhunter_p, who claims he found the “scary” room after tearing off a loose wall near his pantry. 

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His clip, which left plenty of viewers freaked out, is the latest entry in an ongoing trend where TikTokers have discovered bizarre hidden rooms in their living spaces. In the past, users have found a “cave” in their apartment, a creepy doll head in their walls and an abandoned mall underneath their Airbnb

In loganhunter_p’s case, the saga started simply enough. In the first clip of his now-viral series, he explains that he noticed the wall by his pantry was particularly “wobbly” and decided to investigate. 

By the end of the video, @loganhunter_p manages to remove the wall. Behind it, he finds a dark, steep staircase. 

Later that day, the TikToker posted a follow-up in which he fully explored the area. First, he squeezes into the hidden room and steps onto the stairs. 

Then, he climbs to the top and finds a spacious, unfinished attic space. The room has a few stray paint cans in it and even features a pair of windows. 

TikTok users were, for the most part, pretty creeped out by the whole thing. 

“Literally looks haunted,” one user wrote

“I was waiting for a jump-scare the whole time,” another added.

“Please be careful,” another wrote

Meanwhile, @loganhunter_p seemed a lot less spooked by the whole thing. 

“Why would they even have this closed off?” he says in the second video. “This is such a cute room.”

As the videos gained popularity, commenters also started to speculate about the purpose of the room. Many guessed that the stairs or attic violated some sort of building code, so the landlord just sealed them off. Others urged @loganhunter_p to give the place a full makeover. 

“Please decorate it and make it look nice,” one user wrote

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