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Man leaves TikTok dumbfounded with 'insane' home video discovery: 'I'm going to cry'

Katie Mather
·2-min read
Man leaves TikTok dumbfounded with 'insane' home video discovery: 'I'm going to cry'

A 55-year old man brought TikTok users to tears after discovering that a stranger on the platform had found his old home video from 1989.

The video appeared on a popular TikTok account, @museumoflostmemories, which chronicles features old photos and videos collected from thrift shops — all in the hopes of connecting those memories with the original owners.

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In a video uploaded in January, the account posted a VHS tape showing a family on vacation with wild animals. The user behind @museumoflostmemories had bought the tape and then digitized the footage for TikTok.

“So sad these end up in thrift stores,” one user commented.

“I wonder where they are,” another added. “[And] how this ended up being donated.”

In a one in a million chance, one of the family members featured in the video discovered the TikTok.

A father somehow came across the clip and made his own account so he could respond. He identified himself as the 20-something who wears a red jacket in the video. The footage, he said, depicts him at 23, on a family trip to Kenya in 1989.

Then, in a TikTok duet, the dad recreated some of the scenes pulled from the VHS tape.

“Yes! That’s me!” the man wrote above some photos of himself, which were supposedly taken around the same time as the video.

TikTokers were moved by the discovery and wondered how surreal it must have felt to see his family video from over 30 years ago on TikTok. Many called it "amazing" or "insane."

“This is one of the best TikToks I’ve ever seen,” one user wrote.

"I think I'm going to cry," another added.  

The dad even explained how he thinks the VHS ended up in a thrift store in the first place.

“Mom was moving and a couple of old tapes got lost in the process,” he wrote in a comment. “But still — magically almost — they found their way back to us.”

“When the internet is used for good it’s the best thing ever,” another commenter wrote.

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